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6072 Sachseln - Switzerland
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maxon motor is the world's leading supplier of high-precision drive systems. More than 40 years' experience, constant innovation, top-quality products and competent customer service make maxon motor a reliable partner in the drive technology sector.

Supplier's articles
Change the World with a Reliable Partner
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Robotic Arms With Human Skills
Ultra-fast Brushless DC Motors ECX
Micro Spindle Gear GP 6 S
High Torque Motors With Low Inertia
Brushless Electric Motor EC-4pole 30
High Torque DC Brushless Motors EC-i 40 DC
DC Motors & Gearheads
Romeo – A Helpful Friend for the Future
Positioning Controllers
Motors & Gearboxes
Robotic Snake-Arm
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Electronically Commutated Motor
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Stability and Dynamics on a Ball
Brushless DC Motor
Surgical Robots For Minimally Invasive Procedures
Positioning Controller
More Drive, Less Water Consumption
Heavy Duty Standard Motor
Drive Motors For Mars And Medical Technology
EC 22 Motor Versions
Brushless micro drive
Speed Controller
Sterilizable Motors
Shakespeare in a new light with flat, brushless motors
Drive motors used on Mars and in medical technology
Nothing Runs Without Movement
Inductive Encoder
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Positioning Control Unit
Flat Motor
EC 25 High Speed drive
Koaxdrive KD 32 coaxial drive
5 Years on Mars with precision micro drives
First Sterializable Drive System
Motors that are out of this world
Maxon ECX: A BLDC Motor in the Fast Line
Spindle Drives
DC Motors in Ship Building
Brushless Motor
DC drives
Gearhead, Motor & Encoder
Custom DC Drives
High-precision drives and systems, product range
maxon EC 22 HD brushless dc drive
EC motor
EC motor
DC motors