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Sierra Instruments B.V.

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Bijlmansweid 2

1934 RE Egmond Aan Den Hoef

Tel.: +31-72-5071400
Fax: +31-72-5071401

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Vortex Flow Meter

August 2010

Vortex Flow Meter

available in cryogenic version

Sierra Instruments introduces a cryogenic version of the Innova-Mass multivariable mass vortex flow meter. This flow meter has been specifically...

Mass Flow Meters

January 2010

Mass Flow Meters

for Green House Gas reporting

Sierra Instruments introduced a line of mass flow meters certified for Green House Gas (GHG) reporting, in accordance to the new EPA rule, obliging...

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

November 2009

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

for liquid energy consumption measurement

Sierra's Innova-Sonic model 205 Thermal Energy/ BTU Meter is a transit-time ultrasonic flow meter designed to measure the thermal energy flow...

Mass Flow Meter System

October 2009

Mass Flow Meter System

for very large ducts or stacks

Sierra’s new Multi-Trak Model 670S Multi-Point Mass Flow Meter System is an instrument for measuring mass fl ow rates in very large ducts or...

Model 640S mass flow meter

May 2009

Model 640S mass flow meter

with special high-temperature option

The 640S Immersible Thermal Mass Flow Meter is available in a special high-temperature option capable of trouble-free operation in process temperatures...

Max-Trak Model 180 industrial mass flow meter

March 2009

Max-Trak Model 180 industrial mass flow meter

with ANSI or DIN flanges

The Max-Trak model 180 industrial mass flow meters and controllers are now available with 316 stainless steel (ANSI or DIN) flange mounting for...

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