Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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Editor's Choice Products

The invisible door opener

The elevator manufacturer Schindler transports more than a billion people every day. Its elevators operate in skyscrapers and apartment buildings, traveling up and down all day long.

Motion Control

Yet no one ever actually stops to think about the little motors that open and close the doors. Author: Stefan Roschi, Editor maxon motor Elevators...

Networked Beer Tanks Delight Both Landlords and Breweries

Intelligent pressure sensors, a mobile phone network and the Internet ensure beer tanks that are running dry can be replenished on time. This reduces stress for landlords and saves brewery drivers from emergency weekend trips

Sensors & Transmitters

Every landlord likes to see clear blue skies, hot summer weather and thirsty patrons. But when the latter turn into a crowd, it is not hard to...

Registration Mark Sensor

Increases speed of teach process

Sensors & Transmitters

Banner Engineering introduces the new R58B Series Expert Registration Mark Sensor. The sensor provides the same high-performance detection and...

Micro Sensors

Inspection for hygienic applications

Sensors & Transmitters

Banner Engineering introduces the VSM Series Micro Sensors, a cost-effective series of miniature photoelectric sensors that deliver high-performance...

Micro Flow Switch

And bubble detector for liquids

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensirion launched the LG01 micro flowswitch for ultra-low liquid flow rates and bubble detection. The sensor makes fluidic systems more reliable...

Motorized Linear Actuator

With an integral connector option

Motion Control

Combining a mechanical drive, a guidance, and a stepper motor actuator in a single, compact component, the SplineRail linear actuator, from Haydon...

Linear Actuators

Provide alternative to screw or belt driven designs

Motion Control

Available in widths of 115 mm, 140 mm and 165 mm, and with travel range from 100 mm to 1.5m, Aerotech's modular ACT series linear actuators are...

GRP Heavy Duty Enclosures

Corrosion resistance for electrical/electronic controls

Industrial Electronics

Spelsberg has extended its enclosures portfolio with a new line of heavy duty GRP (glass reinforcedpolyester) products. Robust and reliable to...

Multi-hop Data Radio

Allows wireless connection of Modbus nodes

Factory Automation

Extending the Surecross wireless systems by repeating transmissions in 3 km hops to a multi-hop total of 20 km or more, the DX80DR radios from...

Cold Plate

Dissipate heat from frequency converters

Industrial Electronics

Powerful components such as frequency converters give off so much heat in enclosures that the air cooling often reaches its limits. However,...

New product selection guide

for SITOP power supplies

Factory Automation

With the new SITOP Selection Tool it is possible, on the basis of a few technical requirements, to select a suitable power supply, to save the...

Wireless Gateways & Nodes

Offer high-power radios & high density I/Os

Factory Automation

Featuring a bi-directional RF communication architecture with 1 W transmit power in the 900 MHz ISM band, the SureCross Performance wireless...

Linear System

with high power density

Motion Control

Higher meshing torques, better system rigidity, higher power density and more feeding force are the key feature of the new linear systems from...

Trapezoidal Screw Drives

Fully customizable according to application

Industrial Equipment

Trapezoidal screw drives are particularly suitable for positioning stops or for use in infeeds and workpiece feeders, where the axial and radial...

Displacement sensors

With a blue laser

Sensors & Transmitters

In numerous applications, blue laser sensors are superior to standard sensors that use a red laser diode. When measuring on metals, particularly...

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