Tuesday, 19 September 2017

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Energy Efficiency business & industry

Pipes Optimized for Saving Energy

Savings were guaranteed by the innovative features of Teseo piping such as the smooth surfaces of extruded Teseo piping minimizing friction

Using Teseo's HBS compressed air distribution system, Electra System has modernized the compressor rooms at Friul Intagli SpA, a leader in the...

Software Solution For Asset Management

ZEnergy allows energy and environmental information for industrial plants, property and structures in general to be collected and managed intelligently

Industrial Electronics,Factory Automation

In respect of The European Directive 2012/27, ZEnergy by Zucchetti allows energy and environmental information for industrial plants, property...

DC/DC Converter Delivers 93% Efficiency

The synchronous rectification topology delivers up to 93% efficiency while Burst Mode operation keeps quiescent current under 30µA in no-load standby conditions

Industrial Electronics

Linear Technology Corporation announces the LT8602, a 42V input capable, high efficiency quad output synchronous monolithic step-down switching...

LEDs To Be Combined With Alternative Energy Resources

This series of omni-directional Post Top bulbs are ideal for use in applications such as driveway & walkway lighting, down lights, parks, playgrounds, railroad station platforms

Industrial Equipment

LEDtronics Inc. announces its newest series of UL-listed, omni-directional LED corn bulbs. The bulbs put out an impressive amount of light in...

Pressure Compensation Seals

The new seals from Schreiner ProTech provide more efficient fuel consumption

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Schreiner ProTech, a division of Schreiner Group, supplies the Chinese automotive industry with Pressure Compensation Seals (PCSs) from its subsidiary...

All-in-one Power Quality Energy Auditing Kit

Designed for those who want to make a brief analysis of the energy situation in the industrial, commercial, civil sectors

Test & Measurement

Electrex has the pleasure of introducing an all-in-one Power Quality Energy Auditing Kit. There are many local businesses that provide energy...

Energy Efficiency Evaluator for All LED Products

With an add-on module of the established SpecWin Pro software, a broad range of ErP tests is available for the preparation of test reports according to the EU Directive

Test & Measurement

The newly optimized LGS 350 system by Instrument Systems features an 85 % increased travel speed of the γ-axis to 34 °/s. The permissible...

Gear and Bearing Oils

Low fluid friction produces lower operating temperatures and improved gear efficiency, which translates into reduced power consumption

Industrial Equipment

Mobil SHCTM 600 Series gear and bearing oils by ExxonMobil have low traction coefficients relative to mineral oils which derive from the molecular...

Complete Solution for Energy Audit and Analysis

An Energy Analyzer in conjunction with the F3 control system allows precise monitoring of consumption of each plant or production area

Factory Automation

EDEA (Company Energy Audit) is a solution created by Automata to meet the national and international laws issued in the energy field. EDEA...

Sealing The Energy "Leaks"

Energy management at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is the largest division of the Freudenberg Group. The company and its 17,000 employees generate sales of approximately...

Securing Energy Efficiency To Secure The Energy Union

How energy efficiency meets the EU climate and energy goals

The JRC report provides scientific evidence to support the 'Efficiency First' principle considered by the Energy Union strategy. Based...

Energy Efficiency At The Tipping Point?

The four actions that would get the ball rolling for the industrial sector

We seem to be in the middle of a Cinderella story. Energy efficiency has always been the poor relation in energy policy. It was often dismissed...

EnergyPages Nominated for German Energyefficiency Award 2016 “Perpetuum”

EEIP has become the biggest and fastest growing industry network for energy efficiency worldwide with connections in basically every country around the globe

This is a story about a coconut and a hammer. And the story begins with the market and the dilemma for small and medium sized business. The...

ORC Waste Heat Power Plants Convert Waste Heat Into Electricity

ORC waste heat power plants by DeVeTec work efficiently even with fluctuating waste heat flows

In many industrial processes, waste heat is produced that often could not be efficiently recovered or even had to be discharged into the environment...

Smart Factory and Energy Storage Solutions

Power management company Eaton will be at the heart of global discussions around key drivers of industrial digitisation and energy at the Hannover Messe

Power management company Eaton will be at the heart of global discussions around key drivers of industrial digitisation and energy at the Hannover...

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