Friday, 24 November 2017

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Energy Efficiency business & industry

Low-voltage IE4 motors in cast-iron and aluminum housing

Siemens' Simotics portfolio enhanced with Super Premium Efficiency Class IE4 line motors

Siemens has taken another step into an energy efficient future and is now offering Simotics low-voltage motor based on induction technology in...

Solar brewing a better future

The SolarBrew project aims at a sustainable and efficient beer production

Challenges The manufacture of malt and beer requires large amounts of electrical and thermal energy which is nowadays mainly based on fossil...

Intelligent Efficiency

What it is and why it is good for us

Like most industries, utility companies operate in silos according to function. But, what would happen if we were able to break down those silos?...

European Directives for mandatory energy audits in large enterprises

Large companies and non-public sector organizations will be required to carry out mandatory energy saving assessments

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive defines energy audits as 'systematic procedures' used to identify, quantify and report existing...

EnergyMedia Event 2014

The one-day conference dedicated to energy efficiency in industry organized by TIMGlobal Media

Great success at Diageo Meeting Center for the first edition of EnergyMedia Event, held on 22 October 2014 and focused on energy...

Empowering energy intensive industries with ORC systems

Waste heat recovery could act as growth economic catalysts in the medium to long term

Waste heat recovery systems are often seen as insufficiently attractive for energy intensive industries. Turboden thinks waste heat recovery...

Electric energy from production waste

How to produce electric energy both saving money and reducing pollution

Mobilificio Sangiacomo, a company focused on high-quality furniture production, installed in its production facility a 250 kW electric energy...

In-house generation of electric power

Can installing a gas turbine reduce energy costs?

Does it make good economic sense to increase the share of electric power generated in-house? This was the question faced by a large German dairy...

Transferring power from mains supply to machine

Solutions for an efficient integration of the drivetrain in any industry

Depending on the industry, environment and requirements of any given application, there are many different methods of transferring power from...

The off-grid energy challenge

Daily experience in designing off-grid power solutions

Working in the Off-Grid Energy sector is exciting and challenging. We are, on a daily basis, presented with problems which require tailored engineering...

Boiler for heat recovering from engines

Aalborg AV-6N is a robust and highly efficient boiler with gilled water tubes

Aalborg AV-6N is a robust and highly efficient boiler with gilled water tubes which is designed to improve a plant's overall efficiency. It is...

Interface protection relay for network monitoring

The CM-UFD.M22 is designed to monitor the voltage and frequency of the distribution network

ABB brings you the new interface protection relay CM-UFD.M22 (IPS - Interface Protection System), conforming to CEI 0-21, June 2012 edition....

Frequency inverter with manual/automatic override

Enhanced functionality of the CFW701 frequency inverter for HVAC applications

WEG has enhanced the functionality of the CFW701 frequency inverter for HVAC applications with the addition of a manual/automatic override. An...

Ready-to-install variable-speed pump drive

The Sytronix SVP 7010 is particularly suitable for use in exacting injection molding machines

The Sytronix SVP 7010 is a ready-to-install variable-speed pump drive particularly suitable for use in exacting injection molding machines. Rexroth...

Struggling with energy shortage

Energy efficiency in Nepalese context

A reliable and affordable supply of energy is essential for economic development. Nowadays Nepal's economy is struggling with energy shortage....

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