Saturday, 18 November 2017

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Energy Efficiency business & industry

Energy usage in European ferroalloys industry

Energy efficiency is one of the major factor of competitiveness for ferroalloys and silicon production

Ferroalloys and silicon production is highly energy-intensive. Energy cost is one of the main competitive factors for the industry and thus energy...

Ambitions to improve EU’s security of supply

Unintended consequences of an ambitious EU energy efficiency target

Political events over the past six months have revived ambitions to improve the EU's security of supply. Since the onset of the Ukraine crisis,...

Efficient steel production

How technology and training can green India's steel re-rolling industry

With a booming economy, demand for construction materials has skyrocketed in India. In particular, the need for steel has grown in recent years,...

Raising the awareness to policymakers

about energy efficiency in industry and energy efficiency financing

As a policy field, industrial energy efficiency has been quite forgotten in Europe until recently. The thinking was that the EU's Emissions Trading...

SME marketing in energy efficiency frame

How to market your energy efficiency products & services?

Many companies have a complex internal discussions and market research on how best to reach into the industrial energy efficiency market and...

Power of Siberia construction launched

and meant to be a crucial element of the Russian gas supply system

Yakutsk hosted celebrations dedicated to welding the first joint of the Power of Siberia gas transmission system (GTS) meant to be a crucial...

Opower wins Eurelectric’s Industry Award

in acknowledgment of its proactive and innovative approach to energy efficiency

Opower, global leader in cloud-based consumer engagement solutions for the utility industry, was named as the winner of Eurelectric's Industry...

Renewable energy targets for Europe

Questions about effectiveness of 2030 overall target

According to the IEA's Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report, the absence of a binding target raises questions about how effective the 2030...

Tidal energy project

Multi-turbine foundation structure planned by Atlantis in Scotland

Atlantis, owner of the world's largest planned tidal stream energy project, MeyGen, has been awarded a £7.5 million two year contract with the...

Shadows on Germany's environmental policies

Will Berlin hit its medium-term CO2 emission goals?

Germany's increasing dependence on brown coal has raised doubts about whether Berlin will hit its medium-term CO2 emission goals. And though...

High efficiency electric motors

Italian market estimates

The annual consumption of electricity in Italy associated with the use of electric motors in the industry is estimated at around 120 TWh. If...

Africa Clean Energy Corridor announced

at the Climate Summit 2014

Kenya's president Uhuru Kenyatta is urging more international cooperation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the Climate Summit 2014, the...

European consortium on energy efficiency

Lower electricity bills, reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and fuel costs

Six Swiss companies contribute to a recently launched European research project that will develop a centralized system for Demand Response service...

The first Electric Arc Furnace waste heat recovery ORC-based system

is in commercial operation at Feralpi steel plant in Germany

Turboden, a leading company in the production of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbo-generators for distributed power generation employing renewable...

Device for energy efficiency measurement

composed of a hardware part and a software component for data processing

ZEM, which stands for Zucchetti Energy Management, is a system composed of a hardware part and a software component for data processing, which...

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