Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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Energy Efficiency business & industry

Compact data collector

for comprehensive energy management

Factory Automation

The CX8091 includes the smallest Embedded PCs available from the company. With support of the OPC UA protocol, a 400 MHz ARM9 CPU and a wide...

Technologies to tap the industrial waste heat potential

By Sarah Brückner and Martin Pehnt

Literature & Services

There is a German saying that if it does not cost, it isn’t much good. Maybe prejudices like these are the reason that have so far prevented...

Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

Certified under European Directives

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has received the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) for its sunliquid...

Cool Energy Efficiency

in the Desert

Industrial Equipment

Energy efficiency and the measures we can take to make buildings environmentally friendly are issues of growing importance in the USA. The more...

When worlds collide

- a story of push and pull

Literature & Services

Once upon a time...Finnfjord, a small, family-owned business far north of Norway’s Arctic Circle decided to become the world’s first carbon...

Carbon Footprint

Olympics with Minimal Impact on Climate

Literature & Services

Dow is partnering with a key customer in Russia to implement industrial enhancements and promote a consumer-facing campaign that will result...


By JuergenRitzek, EEIP

Directory 2.0 – community based marketplaceIt seemed obvious, but it is only now that the first Directory 2.0 appears: EnergyPages, a community...

Renewable Energy Sector

Spurs the European Bearings Market

The European bearings market is expected to grow marginally over the forecast period with demand from the expanding oil and gas sector in the...

Demand response record in France

RTE called for a particularly important load curtailment

Literature & Services

Sustained low temperatures during the end of the winter season as well as ongoing programmed plant maintenance produced a high level of tension...

Energy management system

For Power Grid Corporation of India

Alstom T&D India will help monitor and control India’s electricity supply network with two contracts worth €12.5 million awarded by Power...

Reference Platform

for Smart Meter Design

Test & Measurement

Designers of smart meters can now reduce time to market, raise the bar for higher accuracy, and secure their designs with Capistrano, a smart...

Improving Energy Efficiency

through Transparency

Literature & Services

Saving taxes, cutting costs and protecting the environment – SIMONA AG, located in the German region of Rhineland-Palatinate, is considered...

SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund

Focused On Financing Energy Efficiency Projects

Literature & Services

Energy Efficiency’s high potentialEnergy Efficiency is currently the biggest lever to reduce carbon emissions globally. Additionally, energy...

German energy efficiency policy

What to expect of it after the German federal elections

Literature & Services

It is now more than five weeks since the German federal elections took place at the end of September. The only thing we know by now is that there...

Lessons learnt:

Entering the energy-efficiency market as a startup

Literature & Services

“You have a great product, but I am sorry, our management doesn’t buy from young, small companies”. I was told this again today. This time...

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