Friday, 24 November 2017

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Energy Efficiency business & industry

CO2 Laser

for Energy Efficient Cutting

Industrial Electronics

The Convergent CV4000 CO2 Laser from Prima Electro features a high quality beam optimized for precise, high speed cutting of thin and thick metals...

Variable Speed Drive

with Embedded Micro-PLC

Motion Control

WEG has launched a new cost-effective range of inverter drives that gives exceptional performance for three-phase induction motor control. The...

Energy audits - the way forward ?

By Erik Gudbjerg, Lokalenergi Handel A/S, Denmark

Literature & Services

The new Energy Efficiency Directive(EED) was launched in 2012 as the EU not was on track with their efforts to reduce the energy consumption...

Part of the Solution

By Alf Tore Haug, Manager for energy management and waste reduction in Elkem

Literature & Services

What the process industry in Europe needs to become more energy-efficient, competitive and environmentally friendly.Elkem aims to be a part of...

Fuel Cell Power Plant

For Federal Ministry

FuelCell Energy Solutions, a provider of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable fuel cell power plants, today announced the delivery of its first...

Centrifugal Air Compressor

Reduces Energy Use by up to 6%

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Ingersoll Rand is introducing the Centac C800 centrifugal air compressor for assembly, automotive food and beverage, oil and gas, petrochemical,...

Heat Exchangers

For Oil and Gas Applications

Industrial Equipment

More efficient process heat recovery reduces energy consumption and can bring significant cost savings. From its APV brand, SPX provides a wide...

Crowdfunding –

People, Customer, Employees

Literature & Services

Becoming more energy efficient is a smart way to quickly reduce operational costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Financially, it makes also...

Manufacturing Sector

Needs to Look at the Bigger Picture

Literature & Services

The UK industry consumed 320TWh of energy and emitted 95 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This figure represents around...

We live in interesting times

By Rod Janssen

Literature & Services

The last years have proven difficult for Europe. The economy has still not fully recovered and the various attempts at kickstarting it, have...

Centrifugal Compressor Range

Reduces Energy Consumption

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Delivered as a plug-and-run package, the Atlas Copco’s ZH 355+ - 900+ oil-free centrifugal compressor range employs advanced aerodynamics to...

Energy Efficiency is Mobile

EEIP has developed a free mobile tool to improve communication

Literature & Services

Industrial waste heat recovery remains the true 'low-hanging-fruit' of industrial energy efficiency! Even only by better implementation of the...

Energy efficiency, the Nerd

By Elisa Wood, founder and editor of

Literature & Services

The renewable energy business has done a remarkable job at positioning itself in the public psyche as the ‘it girl’ of our era.  Just...

Energy Culture

Improving industrial energy efficiency through behavioral change

Literature & Services

Despite the efforts made over the last 20 years, research suggests that there remains an important potential to reduce energy consumption in...

Solar Process Heat

A key factor for sustainable energy supply

Literature & Services

Due to well-tailored legislation the share of electricity generated from renewable resources is constantly increasing. Yet, green electricity...

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