Friday, 20 October 2017

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Power in Motion

Lasal for Servo Axes Synchronization

engineering tool that proves especially efficient, since it supports drive train concepts

Motion Control

Nearly every machine module today contains electrical drive technology. The more complex the drive design, the larger the software component...

Surface Treated Chain

Keeps the Cheese Rounds Rolling

Motion Control

When the chains of a cheese conveyor system proofed to unable to keep up with heightened production the cheese manufacturer needed an upgraded...

Frequency Converter

Gives Power to Fishing Vessel's Thruster

Motion Control

When the generators of the fishing vessel were found to be too small, a VLT AutomationDrive frequency converter solved the problem. VLT earns...

V-Ribbed Belts Drive Cooling Units

in Commercial Vehicles

Motion Control

Optimal smoothness during operation of refrigeration systems: In order to drive cooling units in the truck models Actros and Atego of Mercedes-Benz,...

Robotic Snake-Arm

Flies into Tight Spaces

Motion Control

Inspection and maintenance problems often occur in confined and hazardous spaces, and whilst these spaces are difficult for humans to work in,...

How the IE4 Classification

Changes the Motor Market

Motion Control

If an application requires a motor to operate rarely, users just want the cheapest machine they can buy that will be reliable in that application....

Robot Emulates Intuitive Human Coordination

solving long-standing automation problem in cake decoration

Factory Automation

Solving a long-standing automation problem in cake decoration has lead to a development that could be taken up across a whole range of other...

Intelligent Conveyor Belt

Supports Mine Development

Industrial Equipment

Energy-optimized conveyor belts reduce energy consumption by up to 25% whilst electronic conveyor belt monitoring and inspection systems ensure...

Embedded servo drive

speed up friction feeder systems

Motion Control

An embedded servo drive is providing an economic upgrade path for friction feeder systems for inserting leaflets and products into sales packaging,...

Advanced motion control system

simplifies design of modular printing machinery

Motion Control

An economic multi-axis motion controller and high level software development environment is helping a leading specialist print machinery manufacturer...

Energy efficiency regulations

EU tightens the regulations on the energy efficiency of electric motors

Motion Control

Plans by the European Commission to tighten the regulations on the energy efficiency of electric motors came into force at the end of 2013 with...

High-Precision Couplings

for Servomotor Drives

Motion Control

The LN Series of Jaw-Flex high-precision coupling is specifically designed for use with servomotor drives such as those on machine tool feed...

Optimum Bearing Performance

in Gearboxes

Motion Control

Bearings for modern industrial drive systems must deliver efficient and reliable performance even in the most demanding of environments. The...

Control Solution

for Drive System on Film Coating Machine

Motion Control

An innovative inverter firmware option for winders proved to be an excellent control solution for the drive system on a film coating machine,...

Drive Systems

for Clinker Production in Thailand

Motion Control

The Thai cement producer has placed an order with Siemens for engineering and supply of the power distribution system and drives for the new...

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