Monday, 29 May 2017

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New Industrial Products

Stopflex: Patented Retention System for Pressure Hoses

The energy contained within a pressure hose, in case of disconnection from the fitting, can be very dangerous to anyone or anything in its vicinity

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

The energy contained within a pressure hose, in case of disconnection from the fitting, can be very dangerous to anyone or anything in its vicinity.  The...

Selecting Couplings for Low-Pressure Fluid Systems

How to specify non-spill, dripless couplings

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

There’s been an increasing demand for non-spill quick disconnect couplings for the low-pressure fluid transfer market. But how do you choose...

Cast Aluminium Hydraulic Oil Reservoirs

Available in capacities ranging from 3.5 to 130 litres

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

R+L Hydraulics presents their new line-up of cast aluminium hydraulic oil reservoirs. The expanded series of oil reservoirs are available in...

Explosion-proof Solenoid

With an explosion-proof case and with ATEX and IECEx certification

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

ATAM is introducing a new range of 3 solenoids for potentially explosive environments, each of which has different levels of ATEX and IECEx certifications. The...

Powered Air Respirator with Real-time Air Flow Control Technology

With complete wearer assurance of respiratory protection to focus

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Scott Safety introduced Duraflow, a lightweight and ergonomically designed Powered Air Respirator with sophisticated real-time air flow control...

Pocket Power-packs

For mechanical load transmission

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

mbo Osswald is known for stocking an extremely broad range of standard clevises and clevis joints. Sometimes these components cannot fully meet...

High-Speed Servo Valve

For hydraulics & pneumatics fluid control

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Santest presents the DA seires, a new direct acting servo valve for hydraulics & pneumatics fluid control. Santest DA series employs “Dual...

Abrasive Fluids Pump

Magnetic gear drive ensures long life

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Techma Gpm presents Micropump's GJR pumps series for exceptional pumping performance and long life in abrasive fluid applications. Abrasive fluids,...

Filtration Solutions

For Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Applications

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

In Hannover Eaton showcases a representative selection of its range of filter housings for stationary and mobile hydraulic systems that extend...

Compressed air scheme

Covering installation, service and breakdown cover

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Atlas Copco has launched airLET, a new pay-as-you-go compressed air scheme. airLET embraces the latest energy efficient air compressors and predictive...

Multistage Pump with a Modular Design

improves efficiency, flexibility and streamlines maintenance

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Global water technology leader Xylem Inc. is introducing the Lowara e-MP Series, a line of highly efficient and flexible multistage ring section...

Test Benches – BC SERIES – up to 3000 bar

These Machines are Provided with a Lighted Internal Tank Protected by a Shock-Resistant Window

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Present for over thirty years in the field of hydraulic hose and tubing processing, today OP can boast a wide range of products along with our...

Shock Absorber Solutions

They protect the cranes and trolleys

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

ITT's Enidine presents the HD/HDN shock absorbers. They incorporate an internal, air charged bladder accumulator, which replaces mechanical...

Passive Harmonic Filters

Designed for three-phase diode and thyristor rectifier

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Schaffner offers the new Ecosine evo filters, which combine superior technology to reliably mitigate excessive harmonics with an evolutionary...

Oldham Style couplings

Meet performance requirements of forklift steering columns

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

In the forklift industry reliability issues can quickly damage even the best reputation. So, when a leading European manufacturer of forklifts...

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