Monday, 23 October 2017

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New Industrial Products

Volume Booster

Used in control and on/off applications

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Emerson has introduced the ASCO 330 Series volume booster to enable faster process valve opening and closing speeds. The booster can be used...

Filter Housings for API Manufacturing

Exhibit exceptional resistance to corrosion by acids

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Amazon Filters offers filter housings and high-performance filter media which are used in the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients...

High Volume Machines for Hose Assemblies

Crimping Machine V160ES, Cutting Machine TF6, Skiving Machine SPF6 and Pre-Assembling Machine 03P

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

With more than thirty years of experience within the hose and tube processing equipment industry, OP is pleased to offer to their customers a...

You get more than a valve when you buy Sirai

You get the peace of mind that comes with purchasing from a long established supplier with the backing of one of the largest global technology companies. You get the support that you need throughout the whole purchasing cycle thanks to an extensive local and international network. You get a product thatoptimises the performance you need from your machine or process, without paying for functionality or performance that you don’t need.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

HI-BAR Safety Screens

For optimum strength to weight performance

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

LEE PRODUCTS offers HI-BAR Safety Screens in a range of materials to which is now added options made of Titanium. Protecting components in critical...

Modular Pump for the Liter Range

Configurable fluid connections and drives

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

HNP Mikrosysteme presents the micro annular gear pump mzr-11548X1. It allows accurate displacement volumes from 100 μl to 1,000 ml in a metering...

Super High Response Speed Servo Valve

Direct acting servo valve for hydraulic and pneumatic

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

With Dual Halbach Magnet Array configuration, which makes the strongest magnetic field more than twice as much as the conventional one, Santest...

Multistage Pump

Reduces life cycle costs and energy demand

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

The Lowara e-MP series from Xylem is a line of highly efficient and multistage pumps that deliver powerful solutions for diverse applications...

Industrial Shock Absorbers

Designed to help improve handling

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

WDS Components Parts Ltd. has released a comprehensive range of industrial shock absorbers, designed to help improve product handling in manufacturing...

Centrifugal Pumps

Meeting the demands of challenging applications

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

MICHAEL SMITH ENGINEERS presents a range of magnetically coupled centrifugal, vane, turbine and side-channel pump options which are meeting the...

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

For large manufacturing facilities

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Ingersoll Rand introduced new models to its line of Next Generation R-Series oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors, which provide a more energy-efficient...

Valveless Waste Transfer Pump

Designed for removal of waste fluid

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

The new valveless Waste Transfer Pump from Fluid Metering, Inc. (FMI) was designed for removal of waste fluid generated by medical diagnostic...

Beverage Hose

In accordance with the EC regulations

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Hoses that are used in distilleries and elsewhere in the spirits industry must guarantee both a hygienic flow and safe conduction of any...

Stopflex: Patented Retention System for Pressure Hoses

The energy contained within a pressure hose, in case of disconnection from the fitting, can be very dangerous to anyone or anything in its vicinity

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

The energy contained within a pressure hose, in case of disconnection from the fitting, can be very dangerous to anyone or anything in its vicinity.  The...

Selecting Couplings for Low-Pressure Fluid Systems

How to specify non-spill, dripless couplings

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

There’s been an increasing demand for non-spill quick disconnect couplings for the low-pressure fluid transfer market. But how do you choose...

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