Saturday, 21 October 2017

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New Industrial Products

Robust and durable switchgear

Anti-corrosive, dust-proof and impact-resistant

Motion Control

The steute business unit 'Extreme' develops and produces robust and durable switchgear. Two recent additions to the 'Extreme'...

Disengaging Torque Limiter

Automatic re-engagement for hard to access drives

Motion Control

Heavy-duty machines are used in the field of steel production, where heat and dirt are part of everyday ambient conditions. For this reason,...

Energy Recovery System

Feed power directly back into the plant network

Motion Control

MSF Vathauer presents the Energy Recovery System(ERS). With this component surplus energy from a standard drive and a servo drive is not being...

Integrated Drives

For heavy load applications

Motion Control

Yilmaz has recently introduced the YI-Series of integrated inverters. The YI inverters are available in power stages from 0.25 to 7.5 kW and...

Variable Speed Drives for High Power Range

Fast to install and easy to operate efficiency

Motion Control

WEG has expanded its CFW500 series of variable speed drives (VSDs) to enable users in a wide range of high-power applications achieve further...

Versatile IP66 Outdoor Drives

Preset modes for one touch set up optimization

Motion Control

Invertek Drives has launched a new range of outdoor rated general-purpose drives. The all new Optidrive E3 IP66 Outdoor Rated range of fast set...

Low-voltage Servomotor Series

For machine modules and retrofitting

Motion Control

KOLLMORGEN has transferred the benefits of permanent-field servo motors to the extra low voltage world. The new AKM DC servo motor low voltage...

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deliver durability even under extreme conditions

Motion Control

The new “CoRX” and “Twin-Ax” deep groove ball bearings for passenger car drive shafts from Schaeffler deliver durability even under extreme...

System for Efficient Changeovers

Quicker adjustments, reduced downtime and less waste material

Motion Control

RD6 & LDT10 from Lika are the complete system for efficient changeovers: processes benefit from quicker adjustments, reduced downtime and...

Special Worm Gearboxes

For use as first stages in the combined worm-planetary gearboxes needed to control yaw in multi-megawatt wind turbines

Motion Control

Innovative applications for the wind and photovoltaic sectors have established the Varvel Group as a leader in the design...

22 mm Diameter Brushless Motor

Innovative segment winding for high torque

Motion Control

The 4-pole motor from Faulhaber achieves a torque of 59 mNm with a weight of just 140 g and a diameter of 22 mm. Furthermore, the 2264…BP4...

Push Rod Actuator

Standard stroke up to 200 mm with medium precision

Motion Control

With the HG3H series Technische Antriebselemente offers a small actuator with push rod, completely covered. A trapezoidal screw with pitch 3mm...

Manual Adjusting Unit with Bus-Interface

When frequent readjustments are needed

Motion Control

IEF-Werner presents the updated domiLINE unit, which is based on a sophisticated modular system. The spindle driven components make use of their...

Compact 80A Servo Drive

Place your drive where you need it

Motion Control

Weighing in at just 20 grams and with a volume of less than 13 cm3, Elmo’s new Gold Twitter servo drive is ideal for applications with extreme...

Recirculating Linear Ball Bearing

With increased load rating and life expectancy

Motion Control

Schaeffler proves with its newly-developed, six-row linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assembly (KUSE) that significant development...

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