Thursday, 20 July 2017

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New Industrial Products

Absolute Shaft Encoder

allows for flexibility

Sensors & Transmitters

Wachendorff's WDGA series of absolute shaft encoders for PROFIBUS-DP enables the user to load the preferred encoder profile quickly and easily...

CO2 Transmitters EE850 & EE820

with insensitive infrared measurement principle

Sensors & Transmitters

The CO2 transmitter series EE850 and EE820 by E+E Elektronik allow highly accurate and reliable measurements of CO2 concentrations up to 10,000...

Modular Economic Sensors:

offers high flexibility

Sensors & Transmitters

The sensor series “modular economic sensors” by Müller Industrie-Elektronik is characterized by a very high flexibility concerning the sensor...

Colour Sensor DIN 5033

for standardised colour measurement

Sensors & Transmitters

Micro-Epsilon has launched a colour sensor for the colorCONTROL ACS7000 spectral measurement system, which is ideal for processes that require...

Vision Sensor Series

for advanced communication and inspection capabilities

Sensors & Transmitters

The iVu Plus TG Gen2 and BCR Gen2 vision sensor series by Banner Engineering has been esigned from the iVu Integrated Vision Sensor family, the...

Laser Diffuse Sensor

with fore- and background suppression

Sensors & Transmitters

The di-soric product range is extended by the LVHT 51 M 400 G3-B4 laser diffuse sensor  with a CMOS line as a receiver. Therewith the so-called...

Measuring Light Grid

Measurement output data in millimeters

Sensors & Transmitters

The LGM Series measuring light grid is the latest member in the Pepperl+Fuchs family of automation light grids. It features 16 predefined measuring...

IR-screw-in Temperature Sensor

For non-contact infrared temperature measurement

Sensors & Transmitters

New IR-screw-in temperature sensor METS-IR of the Modular Economic Sensor series by Müller Industrie-Elektronik takes care of process supervision...

Position Switches

For heavy duty applications

Sensors & Transmitters

The ES/EM 91 DL position switch from Steute was developed especially for heavy duty applications, for example in the mining and recycling industries....

Labfacility Thermocouple & PRT cables

offered with many alternative insulations

Sensors & Transmitters

Large stocks of thermocouple cables are offered with many alternative insulations and configurations for types J,K,E,T,N,U and Vx colour coded...

Temperature Sensors

Monitoring of temperature thresholds

Sensors & Transmitters

EGE's new TGM 050-TS series of temperature sensors provides a robust solution for the monitoring of temperature thresholds. Designed for a temperature...

Circuit board mounting sensor connector

for temperature instruments

Sensors & Transmitters

Labfacility offers a new range of polarized, high quality printed circuit board (pcb) mounting miniature sockets for interfacing with thermocouple...

Photoelectric Sensors

With Ecolab approval

Sensors & Transmitters

The new generation of photoelectric sensors in the BOS 6K series from Balluff has 31.5 x 19.5 x 10.8 mm dimensions. Its 70 variants provide a...

Inductive Absolute Rotary Encoders

With hollow shaft

Sensors & Transmitters

With its new generation of inductive absolute rotary encoders, HEIDENHAIN has expanded the capabilities of its ECI/EBI 100 series. The preferred...

Linear Encoder

With extra long scale

Sensors & Transmitters

POSIC extends the application range of its popular ID1101L linear encoder with an extra long scale. This long scale has a length up to 550 mm...

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