Friday, 21 July 2017

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New Industrial Products

High-End Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

With multi-functional display measures up to 180° C

Sensors & Transmitters

The highly accurate EE310 humidity and temperature transmitter from E+E Elektronik is dedicated for demanding process control. It measures relative...

Intelligent Proximity Sensor

Inductive IO-Link version with freely programmable switching

Sensors & Transmitters

The IMC inductive proximity sensors from SICK feature IO-Link technology that makes them capable of communication, they also have up to four...

Ex Area Pressure Sensors

Absolute and relative versions with IO-Link

Sensors & Transmitters

Turck has further developed its PS series pressure sensors and will offer in future only one universal device with an analog output, which can...

Field Wireless Vibration Sensor

Real-time updates enable predictive maintenance

Sensors & Transmitters

Yokogawa has developed an ISA100 WirelessTM-based field wireless vibration sensor with the ability to quickly update data as well as a long battery...

IR-Based Liquid Level Switches

Compact design and low power operation

Sensors & Transmitters

SST Sensing has developed the Optomax Digital series of liquid level switches. The devices are cost-effective and simple-to-use with the capacity...

Face Detection Sensor

All-in-one unit for sensing and IoT applications

Sensors & Transmitters

The Omron B5T HVC-P2 face detection sensor modules, available from Mouser Electronics, each consist of a camera and a separate main board, connected...

Din Rail Mount Transmitters

With RFID Communications

Sensors & Transmitters

Omega offers the new TXDIN401 and TXDIN402 din rail mount transmitters, which transform a temperature or process signal into a linearized...

Optimized Wear Detection

Sensor unit for maintenance of housing bores

Sensors & Transmitters

With compound extrusion lines, signs of wear occur in the 8-shaped bores as plastic granulate is conveyed via augers. The inner diameter over...

Optical Sensor Switch

Easy installation to monitor flow levels

Sensors & Transmitters

Aalborg’s Optical Sensor Switch Hi-Lo contains two sets of enhanced, self-contained mini-slim photoelectric sensors located on two solid carriers....

Hall Switch IC

Designed for battery-powered consumer equipment

Sensors & Transmitters

The AH1389 Hall-effect switch IC introduced by Diodes Incorporated offers a small, simple and versatile contactless switch solution and is specifically...

Combined Transmitter for Room Monitoring

Measuring CO2, temperature and relative humidity in one unit

Sensors & Transmitters

E+E Elektronik has a new room transmitter for measurement of CO2, temperature (T) and relative humidity (RH) measurement in a single device for...

Single Cable Encoder

Connection technology with space and weight benefit

Sensors & Transmitters

Hengstler AD37S Encoder, designed for a real single cable solution. The cores for the encoder’s signal transmission are integrated into the...

Miniature Pressure Transducer

Ideal for close proximity measurement in confined spaces

Sensors & Transmitters

The piezoresistive pressure transducers Series M5 from Keller are ideal, thanks to the M5 fine thread, for taking measurements at close proximity...

Bus-Compatible Position Indicators

Ensuring process-reliability and faster set-up times

Sensors & Transmitters

Siko’s bus-compatible position indicators are globally indispensable for flexible production machines. Monitoring of the adjustable positions...

Wireless Weighing Technology

For the range from 1 to 20 tonnes

Sensors & Transmitters

Designed and manufactured by Sensor Technology, LoadSense can be easily integrated within the crane hook. It allows weighing processes to be...

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