Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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New Industrial Products

Photoelectric Sensors

For standard applications

Sensors & Transmitters

Datalogic's S300 PA series of advanced Maxi photoelectric sensors represents a suitable solution for standard applications. The new series offers...

Position Sensor

Offers 360° non-contact position sensing

Sensors & Transmitters

Honeywell is rounding out its SMART position sensor portfolio with the new Rotary Configuration that provides 360° non-contact angular position...

Differential Pressure Sensors

For use in harsh test environments

Sensors & Transmitters

Kistler Instruments has launched a range of small, versatile, high performance differential pressure sensor for use in harsh test environments...


For harsh environments

Sensors & Transmitters

Carrying out vibration measurements in harsh industrial environments is what Brüel & Kjær's new Type 8347-C Accelerometer are designed...

Mass Flow Meter

Suits air/gas rates up to 200 slm

Sensors & Transmitters

Bidirectionally measuring the flow of air and other non-agressive gases at rates up to 200 slm with high accuracy and very high speed, Sensirion's SFM3000...

Pressure Sensors

EC79 certified for use up to 900 bar

Sensors & Transmitters

Approved for use on H2-powered vehicles operating at up to 900 bar, the model AST20000H2 hydrogen ASIC pressure sensor, from American Sensor...

Temperature Transducer

Submersible, ±0.1°C accuracy

Sensors & Transmitters

Constructed of a welded 316 stainless steel body, a Delrin nosepiece and custom length polyurethane cable, the KPSI 380 submersible temperature...

Position Sensor

Underwater applications at up to 15 bar

Sensors & Transmitters

Highly durable, the ASM's POSICHRON PCST27 series position sensors with a rod profile design can be easily installed inside the cylinder and...

Load Pin

Nine models from 5 to 1,250kN

Sensors & Transmitters

Incorporating strain gauge technology, Magtrol's LE 500 series load pin include built-in test equipment (B.I.T.E) to allow electrical in-line...

Color Sensors

As precise as the human eye

Sensors & Transmitters

Suitable for industrial color measurement and identification in virtually all production processes, di-soric's color sensors utilize perceptive...

Complete Triaxial Solution

Permanent & hand held vibration monitoring

Sensors & Transmitters

A trio of triaxial products by Meggitt include Wilcoxon triaxial sensors, cables and connection boxes for permanent and hand held vibration...

pH Sensor Electrodes

Environmentally friendly

Sensors & Transmitters

New 'Calomel Free' pH and Reference Electrodes from Sensorex offer the high performance levels of calomel electrodes without the hazardous...

Pressure Transducers

Offered in 103.4, 344.7 and 689.5kPa ranges

Sensors & Transmitters

Available for immediate shipment, the Endevco model 8530C series pressure transducers from Meggitt Sensing are offered in 103.4, 344.7...

Inductive Sensors

Handle frequent wash downs

Sensors & Transmitters

Cleaning processes complying with food and pharmaceutical regulations are particularly challenging. Sensors involved are exposed to high level...

Rotary Position Sensors

0 to 360° measurement range

Sensors & Transmitters

Extending its POSIROT family of magnetic rotary sensors, ASM Sensors has introduced the PRAS20/PRAS21 series for use in the medical equipment...

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