Saturday, 18 November 2017

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New Industrial Products

iPhone & iPod Accessory

For easy and acurate pH measurement

Sensors & Transmitters

The new Sensorex Model PH-1 meter application accessory for the iPhone or iPod measures pH accurately, presents the data in an easy-to-read...

Hall Effect Sensor ICs

30 G typical magnetic sensitivity

Sensors & Transmitters

Expanding its magnetic position sensor product portfolio, Honeywell introduced the SS360NT/SS360ST/SS460S high sensitivity bipolar latching digital...

Inclination Sensors

Up to 120° coverage per axis

Sensors & Transmitters

Capable of measuring changes in angles, di-soric's NS 60 and NST 60 series inclination sensors offer 0-10V or 4-20mA standard output signals....

Angle Sensor

For rotary actuators

Sensors & Transmitters

Suitable for the position control of valves and flaps, the RI-DSU35 series 360° inductive sensors implement Turck's inductive resonant circuit...

Pressure Transmitter

Records 0-1.6 bar up to 0-100bar

Sensors & Transmitters

Capable of recording relative pressure in organic media and those containing chloride, the Jumo MIDAS C18 SW has a piezoresistive, ceramic-based...

Miniaturized Ultrasonic Sensor

6cm in length including the connector

Sensors & Transmitters

Characterized by a compact body with a length of 6cm, including the connector, the UK6 series ultrasonic sensors from M.D. Micro Detectors, detect...

Water Pressure Sensors

Comfortably handle different operating conditions

Sensors & Transmitters

When measuring pressure in water applications, an off-the-shelf pressure sensor typically will not do as different operating conditions and variable...

Low Cost Sensors

For pressure, temperature & level

Sensors & Transmitters

Müller Industrie-Elektronik has announced the availability of low cost versions of its ME-Series sensors. These come with such standard...

Dual Output Sensors

Measure level and temperature

Sensors & Transmitters

The IMCTL (ceramic) and IMSTL (silicon) ranges of submersible dual output level and temperature transmitters, from Impress Sensors & Systems,...

Hydraulic Force Transducers

Five year guarantee against leaks

Sensors & Transmitters

tecsis offers a variety of hydraulic force transducers with nominal forces ranges from 100 N up to 3000 kN, which enable easy force measurement...

Linear Position Sensor

300 mm measuring range

Sensors & Transmitters

A new miniature linear position sensor with a 300 mm measuring range has been added to Turck's compact LI-Q17 series position sensors. The sensors...

Photoelectric Sensors

Small, robust and powerful

Sensors & Transmitters

Developed based on different functional principles for diverse tasks in automation technology, di-soric’s 40 series optoelectronic sensors...

Humidity & Temperature Sensor

-40 to +120 °C high accuracy measurement

Sensors & Transmitters

A low-cost member of the Sensirion’s SH2x family, the SHT20 humidity and temperature sensor with a typical accuracy of 3% RH is distinguished...

Submersible Transducers

For liquid level measurement & control

Sensors & Transmitters

Suitable for rigorous liquid level measurement and control, the LTA/LTB submersible level transducers from Measurement Specialties are ideal...

Radar-based Sensors

Support collision avoidance and vehicle detection

Sensors & Transmitters

An updated series of radar-based sensors with enhanced capability for detecting large objects in challenging outdoor situations has been introduced...

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