Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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New Industrial Products

Differential Pressure Switches

Withstand bursts up to 25 bar

Sensors & Transmitters

Offering high overload safety, the S4540 pressure switch from tecsis can switch a load based on a pressure difference. It withstands 16 bar overload...

Rotary Position Sensor

Eight operating ranges up to 360°

Sensors & Transmitters

Providing a minimum 12 million cycle product life, Honeywell’s RTY Series Hall-Effect rotary position sensors provide a cost-effective rotary...

Low Cost Sensor

With HART communication

Sensors & Transmitters

As an extension to the successful Modular Economic Sensor Series for the recording of physical measured variables such as temperature, pressure,...

Gas Leak Detector

Supervises areas up to 20m in radius

Sensors & Transmitters

Detecting gas leaks by sensing the airborne ultrasound emitted from leaking gas at high pressure, the Gassonic Observer-H ultrasonic gas leak...

Pressure Transducer

25 pressure ranges from 0-70 mbar to 0-700 bar

Sensors & Transmitters

Latest to be introduced into the Omega pressure sensor range, the PXM309 series pressure transducer is suitable for most hydraulic and pneumatic...

Two-wire Guided Wave Radar

Received SIL3 certificate from exida

Sensors & Transmitters

SIL ratings measure the safety risk of a given process. The higher the SIL level, the greater the impact of a failure and the lower the failure...

Pressure Sensor

Operates to 6,000 bar

Sensors & Transmitters

Designed by Kistler, Type 6215 incorporates a quartz-crystal sensing element and front sealed diaphragm, packaged together within a rugged, stainless...

LVDT Position Sensor

Available in ranges of ±0.38 to ±250 mm

Sensors & Transmitters

Keeping steel rolling mill operations running smoothly with less downtime, Macro Sensors’ non-contacting LVDT position sensor monitors the...

Temperature Transmitter

Accept a variety of resistance sensors

Sensors & Transmitters

Housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure, Omega’s TX-M12 series of RTD mini temperature transmitters provide fast, secure and watertight...

Absolute Sensors

Precise positioning even with power off

Sensors & Transmitters

Providing precise positioning information even with the power off, the MagLine absolute sensors from Siko do not need horning function. The position...

Laser Sensor

Processes problematic color & contrast characteristics

Sensors & Transmitters

Utilizing triangulation measurement principle to determine an object’s height and width, the LineRunner 300 (LR300) laser sensor from...

Ultrasonic Sensors

Offer millimeter precision

Sensors & Transmitters

Capable of detecting miniature objects to millimeter precision, the F77 series from Peperl+Fuchs even identifies transparent or highly reflective...

Hydrogen Pressure Sensor

For use on fuel-cell vehicles

Sensors & Transmitters

Suitable for use on hydrogen-powered vehicles and in other emerging hydrogen applications, the AST 2000H2 from American Sensor Technologies is...

Differential Pressure Sensor

Optimized for 400µA operating currents

Sensors & Transmitters

Suitable for long term battery operation, the SDP6x6 differential pressure sensor is optimized for maximum operating currents of 400µA. In sleep...

pH/ORP Sensor

Measure 0-14pH, operates over 10 to 85°C

Sensors & Transmitters

Process and plant engineers looking for a simple, economical way to measure pH/ORP in pressurized tanks and main lines will find the precision...

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