Tuesday, 19 September 2017

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New Industrial Products

Rugged Temperature Probe

-40 to 125 °C operating range

Sensors & Transmitters

For hot water boiler applications, the Boiler Probe for OEMs has been released by Measurement Specialities. It contains an NTC thermistor soldered...


Simplifies free chlorine & chlorine dioxide measurement

Sensors & Transmitters

Environmentally friendly and highly accurate, the economical and user friendly FCLA7000 eXact 7 Photometer from Sensorex is EPA-compliant for...

Velocity Sensor

For machine protection and condition monitoring systems

Sensors & Transmitters

A 3.94 mV/mm/s piezoelectric velocity sensor, Meggit’s PV 102 has CE approval for the uncertified and ATEX, IEC and CSA hazardous area certifications...

Linear Hall Sensor

Surface mount & programmable

Sensors & Transmitters

Moving away from the conventional single-in-line package (SIP) approach, which requires more careful design consideration to avoid mounting,...

Differential Pressure Sensors

Pressure ranges from 25 Pa

Sensors & Transmitters

LBA differential pressure sensors from Sensortechnics are based on thermal mass flow measurement of air or gas through a micro-flow channel integrated...

Registration Mark Sensor

Increases speed of teach process

Sensors & Transmitters

Banner Engineering introduces the new R58B Series Expert Registration Mark Sensor. The sensor provides the same high-performance detection and...

Temperature Sensors

With integrated processing electronics

Sensors & Transmitters

Turck presents a new series of compact temperature sensors with processing electronics integrated into the M12x1-connector. The miniature sensor...

OEM Pressure Sensors

Offers high media compatibility

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensortechnics' new KMA series measures gage pressures of corrosive and aggressive gases and liquids in ranges from 500 mbar to 100 bar. These...

Angular Position Transmitter

For heavy-duty applications

Sensors & Transmitters

Camille Bauer has extended its product portfolio in angular position instrumentation by the new KINAX HW730 absolute hollow shaft angular position...

Photoelectric Sensor

Designed for frequent wash downs

Sensors & Transmitters

Datalogic Automation introduces the new S8 INOX, a universal photoelectric sensor, which widens and completes the existing Mini Sensors range...

Miniature Accelerometer

For extended temperature ranges

Sensors & Transmitters

Measurement Specialties has released its miniature piezoelectric accelerometer for high temperature vibration and shock measurements. Operating...

Liquid Flow Sensor

For low-volume dosing applications

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensirion is launching a flow sensor for flow rates below 2 cc/sec (120 ml/min) with hydrocarbon-based liquids such as photoresists and solvents....

Pressure Transmitters

In stainless steel housing

Sensors & Transmitters

Impress Sensors & Systems offers the new DMP304 range of ultra-high pressure transmitters. The design of the sensor is based on a compensated...

Humidity Sensor

With improved temperature specs

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensirion has improved the temperature specifications of the standard SHT21 humidity sensor version. The temperature range for the tightest typical...

Coded Magnetic Sensors

System with safety category up to SIL 3

Sensors & Transmitters

Coded magnetic sensors by Pizzato Elettrica are devices studied to monitor protections and guards that, when linked to a safety module, can create...

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