Monday, 25 September 2017

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New Industrial Products

Piezoelectric Signal Conditioner

Bandwidth of 100 KHz

Sensors & Transmitters

Meggitt Sensing Systems has announced the global market introduction of the Endevco model 133, a three-channel general purpose piezoelectric...

Radar Sensor

Continuous measurement of bulk solids

Sensors & Transmitters

Vegapuls SR 68 is Vega’s new radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids. It is especially suitable for level measurement in silos...

Measuring Cells

Follow hygienic design standards

Sensors & Transmitters

The expansion of the Jumo tecLine Lf-VA series as per Data Sheet 202924 has seen the development of two new measuring cells (K = 0.1...

Oxygen Sensor

Eliminates false alarms

Sensors & Transmitters

City Technology has launched the 4OXV, a new high performance oxygen sensor that uses vented technology to eliminate false alarms. The sensor...

Sensor Module

Detects volatile organic compounds

Sensors & Transmitters

Unitronic presents a sensor module with which volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air can be recognized very quickly and with very high...

Conductivity Sensor

Temperature stability to 105°C

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensorex's TCS3020 toroidal inductive conductivity sensor is designed for high performance from 0-1,000 mS. It offers the dependability of toroidal...

Online Humidity Calculator

Also calculates measurement uncertainty

Sensors & Transmitters

Capable of being used online, the free humidity calculator from E+E Elektronik is used for the rapid conversion of humidity measurements. Users...

LVDT Signal Conditioners

with 4-20mA Output

Sensors & Transmitters

Macro Sensors broadened its EAZY-CAL MMX Series of mini-module LVDT signal conditioners with a 4-20mA output model that supports process control...

Evaluation Kit

For differential pressure sensors

Sensors & Transmitters

Suitable for testing the SDP600 series digital differential pressure sensors, the EK-P3 evaluation kit from Sensirion, consists of a USB stick...

Force Measurement

In food and pharmaceuticals packaging

Sensors & Transmitters

High hygienic standards are crucial in food and pharmaceutical packaging to ensure product quality on the supply chain from the producer to the...

Temperature Sensor

Survives extreme heat up to 1200 ºC

Sensors & Transmitters

Enclosing a foul proof probe tip that permits operation in bio-fuel and diesel engine applications, the EGT diesel exhaust gas temperature sensor...

Toroidal Sensor

Optimal performance from 0 to 1000 mS

Sensors & Transmitters

When combined with the TCSMA or TCSTX toroidal transmitter, the TCS3020 toroidal inductive sensor from Sensorex provides a dependable, user-friendly,...

PT100 Probe Sensor

For fast temperature measurement

Sensors & Transmitters

Characterized by fast response times, the Pt100 probe sensors from ifm electronic can be used for highly precise temperature measurements in...

Modular Sensors

With HART-communication

Sensors & Transmitters

Equipped with a 4 to 20 mA 2-wire, HART-interface, two limit value switches and an innovative touchM-key technology based operation, the “Modular...

Pressure Transmitters

Overload resistant down to 100 mbar

Sensors & Transmitters

Integrating a a silicon sensor installed in a stable, stainless steel housing, JUMO MIDAS S06 pressure transmitter is overload resistant in a...

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