Thursday, 23 February 2017

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New Industrial Products

Triaxial Accelerometer

Features 2.8 pC/g sensitivity

Sensors & Transmitters

Designed to suit a variety of general vibration testing requirements, Meggitt Sensing Systems’ Endevco model 2228C rugged low-mass triaxial...

Inductive Proximity Sensors

Eatons iProx Sensor Series “Best in class”

Sensors & Transmitters

As one of the leading manufacturers of components, systems and solutions for electrical engineering and automation, Eaton’s Electrical Sector...

Intelligent Load Sensor

can be calibrated over the range 1 to 10 tons

Sensors & Transmitters

Allowing weighing processes to be fully integrated with handling operations, the intelligent load sensor, LoadSense, from Sensor Technology can...

Optical Scanner iCs

as a phased array for absolute position sensing devices

Sensors & Transmitters

A minimal sensor area of just 1.9 mm x 3.3 mm is sufficient for the optical sensors in the iC-PN series to scan encoder code discs and generate...

Differential Pressure Transmitter

For gas and compressed air applications

Sensors & Transmitters

Comprising a piezoresistive pressure sensor and an optional LCD, the DPS 200 range of differential pressure transmitters from Impress Sensors...

Magnetic Sensors

Attach to all common cylinders

Sensors & Transmitters

Baumer has extended its line of cylinder sensors that detect the exact position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders. Available for T and C slots,...

Level Sensor

Uses radar technology to measure 0-15 m

Sensors & Transmitters

Primarily for water and sewage level measurement, the VEGAPULS WL 61 level sensor from Vega uses radar technology that offers considerable advantages...

Pressure Sensors

CE approved

Sensors & Transmitters

American Sensor Technologies offers a broad family of CE approved pressure sensors, transducers, transmitters and switch product families to...

Right Angle LVDTs

Operate in tight places

Sensors & Transmitters

For industrial applications when a conventional LVDT linear position sensor proves too long or environmental contaminants can limit sensor performance,...

Geartooth Speed Sensor

Suitable for harsh environments

Sensors & Transmitters

Tested to SAE J1455, Cherry’s GS102301 Hall-effect geartooth speed sensor with a digital output is self-adjusting over a wide range of magnetic...

Sensor Modules

Work with piezoelectric accelerometers

Sensors & Transmitters

For operation with their industrial accelerometers, Hansford Sensors has introduced the HS-556 and HS 557 Series of sensor modules. The HS-556...

Inclination Sensors

Withstand extreme ambient conditions

Sensors & Transmitters

Optimized for use in extreme outdoor ambient conditions, the Pepperl+Fuchs F99 inclination sensors differentiate themselves through a micromechanical...

Chlorine Dioxide Sensor

In both 0-2 & 0-10 ppm ranges

Sensors & Transmitters

Offering real-time chlorine dioxide (ClO2) measurement with an advanced amperometric sensor, the CLD series chlorine dioxide sensor from Sensorex...

Position Sensors

Replace displacement measuring systems

Sensors & Transmitters

Offering an economic alternative to wear-prone displacement measuring systems, MTS’ Temposonics E-Series family of linear position sensors...

Laser Light Sensor

At the core of robot path correction

Sensors & Transmitters

Previously, automation was not possible for many industrial processing tasks because component tolerances required individual processing of the...

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