Friday, 24 February 2017

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New Industrial Products

Position Sensors

align elevator cars with building floors

Sensors & Transmitters

Spring Loaded LVDT position sensors from Macro Sensors are designed to be used as integral components in control systems that ensure the accurate...

Dynamic Pressure Transducer

designed for dynamic measurements

Sensors & Transmitters

Meggitt Sensing Systems introduces the Endevco model 8510C, a rugged, miniature, high-sensitivity, high resonance gage piezoresistive pressure...

Sensor Lock-gate

with ceramic sealing

Sensors & Transmitters

Ceramat, the automatic sensor lock-gate from Knick, is wear-free, pneumatically operated and allows for automatic sensor maintenance and calibration...

Digital Humidity Sensor

available in high-precision version

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensirion's SHT21 digital humidity and temperature sensor is now also available in a high-precision version that complies with stringent accuracy...

Pressure Switches

convert vacuum into electrical switching signal

Sensors & Transmitters

Converting vacuum in the range of -0,85 bar to -0,15 bar into an electrical switching signal is the main feature of the pressure switches S4412...

String Pot Sensor

with rugged cable extension design

Sensors & Transmitters

Celesco releases its SP3 String Pot sensor with rugged cable extension design, plastic-hybrid precision potentiometer and winding drum. This...

Flow Sensors

direct measurement of air volumes

Sensors & Transmitters

Schmidt Technology's flow sensor SS 20.250 is a device developed on the basis of thermal flow measurement selectively for applications such...

IO-link Sensors

enable bi-directional communication

Sensors & Transmitters

Baumer's 09 ultrasonic IO-link sensors are designed to simplify machine operation, to maximize machine performance and to minimize machine down...


for use with multiple sensor types

Sensors & Transmitters

The multiCELL multichannel transmitters/controllers from Bürkert are designed to be used with multiple sensor types and can measure flow rate,...

Fiber Optic Sensors

with easy teach-in process

Sensors & Transmitters

With the new Series 66 fiber optic sensors Baumer enhances the ease of use in fiber optic applications. Amongst others this is achieved with...


with wide mounting flexibility

Sensors & Transmitters

Kistler has announced the global market launch of Kistler Type 8688A(x), a cost effective triaxial PiezoBeam accelerometer with wide mounting...

Tape Position Sensor

made of a special stainless steel tape

Sensors & Transmitters

ASM's Positape stainless steel tape position sensors have a measurement range of 2000 mm and a compact housing of 2 x 2 x 3.3 inches. These WB10ZG...

Position Monitor

measuring linear/rotary movement

Sensors & Transmitters

Electro-Sensors announces the SG1000E position monitor, designed for measuring linear and rotary movement in clam shell bucket applications....

Gear And Magnetic Sensor

wear-free measurement system

Sensors & Transmitters

Thanks to a special magnetic measurement principle from Siko , low-cost gears can be used as position sensors. Other standards that also have...

Magnetic Sensor

in thread design M10 and M12

Sensors & Transmitters

The sensor type MSK5000R from Siko's product line MagLine Basic is expanding the known product portfolio of compact sensors with the housing...

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