Thursday, 20 July 2017

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New Industrial Products

Displacement Sensors

measure height and thickness

Sensors & Transmitters

Banner Engineering's LH series of triangulation non-contact laser displacement sensors precisely measures the height and thickness of materials...

Temperature Transmitters

intrinsically safe

Sensors & Transmitters

BEKA have added intrinsically safe and non-certified models to their range of HART enabled 4/20mA loop powered indicating temperature transmitters....

Array Microphones

for test and measurement applications

Sensors & Transmitters

For use in automotive, aerospace and general test and measurement applications, Meggit Sensing Systems launched their Endevco EM40PH and EM40PL...

Photoelectric Sensor

with IO-Link interface

Sensors & Transmitters

The RL31-8-H photoelectric sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs combines the benefits of the triangulation principle with the measuring functionality of...

Digital Inclination Sensor

enhances industrial safety

Sensors & Transmitters

The D2NE-HD digital 2-axes inclination sensor from Müller Industrie-Elektronik monitors the inclination of vehicles and machines in order to...

D Series – new sensors for humidity and temperature measurement

with calibrated dModul

Sensors & Transmitters

The core part of the new D Series, presented by Galltec+Mela at this year‘s Sensor+Test, is the digital calibrated dModul, which processes...

Inductive Angle Sensors

insensitive for magnetic field

Sensors & Transmitters

Turck's RI-sensors are inductive angle sensors that allow contactless angle measurement by using an inductive resonant circuit. This makes the...

Point Level Sensor

for hygienic applications

Sensors & Transmitters

The LMT hygienic point level sensor from ifm electronic supresses deposits and foam, making a reliable limit detection possible for food industry...

Filter Cap

for small humidity sensors

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensirion's SF2 filter cap for small digital humidity sensors is made of PBT, has an integrated filter membrane and protects the humidity and...

Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors

with external position magnet

Sensors & Transmitters

ASM's PRAS21 series of magnetic non-contact rotary sensors uses an external position magnet to provide an absolute output signal over a 0 to...

Milliliter Flow Meters

for Hydrocarbons

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensirion’s liquid flow meters of the SLQ series enable precise measurements of dynamic flow rates below 100 ml/min with a response time of...

Encoders And Counters

increase availability of signals

Sensors & Transmitters

Wind turbines are constantly in use everywhere. Encoders that are used for pitch and azimuth positioning or for speed measurement in wind turbines...

Digital Pressure Gauge


Sensors & Transmitters

A range of low cost, battery-powered digital pressure gauges named DM 10 has been launched by Impress Sensors & Systems, which offers customers...

Flexible Position Sensor

ranges up to 20 m

Sensors & Transmitters

The absolute, non-contact Temposonics RF position sensor from MTS Sensor Technologie can easily be installed in tight spaces and has a measuring...

Angle Encoder

uses absolute inductive measuring technique

Sensors & Transmitters

A high precision angle encoder, named IncOder, has been launched by Zettlex, which uses an absolute inductive measuring technique. The measurement...

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