Saturday, 18 November 2017

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New Industrial Products

Code-Hopping Receiver Decoder

Enabling implementation of security oriented RF remote control systems

Sensors & Transmitters

Offered with a basic antenna included, the KDEC code-hopping receiver from Radiometrix provides the user with a complete ready to use receiver...


to measure pressure, humidity, temperature and air velocity

Sensors & Transmitters

KIMO designed and manufactures a range of transmitters/sensors to measure pressure, humidity, temperature and air velocity, suitable for many...

Press Force Sensor

measures dynamic forces

Sensors & Transmitters

The press force sensor Type 9393A from Kistler measures dynamic as well as quasistatic forces. Supplied as a preloaded and calibrated unit, its...

Temperature Sensors

with flexible liquid-tight conduit

Sensors & Transmitters

Electro-Sensors introduces FM-approved temperature sensors with a built-in conduit adapter and grease-fitting tap. The TT420-LT liquid tight...

Smart Vibration Switch

is Atex approved

Sensors & Transmitters

IMI Sensors, a division of PCB Piezotronics launched an ATEX approved USB programmable smart vibration switch, designed for continuous protection...

Dewpoint Transmitter

withstands high temperatures

Sensors & Transmitters

The upgraded OEM dewpoint transmitter DMT152 from Vaisala withstands high temperatures while controlling very low humidities. It fits industrial...

T-slot Cylinder Sensor

for hazardous areas

Sensors & Transmitters

The Namur T-slot cylinder sensor from ifm electronic is 1G/1D certified, meaning that it can be used in zones 0 or 20 hazardous areas, such as...

Radar Level Transmitter

equipped with foundation fieldbus

Sensors & Transmitters

The Sitrans LR250 radar level transmitter from Siemens Industry Automation Division has been equipped with Foundation Fieldbus certified communications....

C02 Sensor Module

with low energy consumption

Sensors & Transmitters

The EE892 CO2 sensor module from E+E has an average energy consumption of less than 60µA, making it an ideal battery-operated energy-saving...

IEN meets Pepperl+Fuchs

Dr. Gunther Kegel, Managing Director at Pepperl+Fuchs

Sensors & Transmitters

IEN: Dr. Kegel, Pepperl+Fuchs divides its business units into a process and a factory automation division. How is the company’s revenue divided...

Dynamic Ring Sensors

detect very small metal parts

Sensors & Transmitters

ifm electronic supplies the I7 series ring sensors, which function as an inductive proximity switch with the part to be sensed passing through...

Rotoray Position Sensors

support analog voltage output

Sensors & Transmitters

Penny + Giles expanded the output options of its SRH501P and SRH502P contactless rotary position sensors, making them ideal for use in factory...


designed for extreme testing

Sensors & Transmitters

PCB Piezotronics announces its Model 352B70 accelerometer, designed for extreme testing purposes in shaker labs. These accelerometers have approximately...

Differential Pressure Sensors

in failsafe version

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensirion launched failsafe versions of their SDP600 differential pressure sensor series. They allow verification of the measured values, enabling...

Humidity-temperature Sensor

meets automotive quality standard

Sensors & Transmitters

After having gone through an extensive series of tests, Sensirion’s  SHT21 reliable, stable and robust humidity and temperature sensor...

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