Thursday, 20 July 2017

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New Industrial Products

Safety Photoelectric Sensors

equipped with M12 4-pole connector

Sensors & Transmitters

The S300-F/G-SG-ST2/ST4 series of safety photoelectric sensors in a MAXI shape from Datalogic Automation, is available in Type 2 and Type 4 models...

Pressure Sensor

designed for the hydraulic industry

Sensors & Transmitters

The AST4000 pressure sensor from American Sensor Technologies is specifically designed for the hydraulic industry. The pressure port of this...

Miniature Pyrometer

with integrated elctronics

Sensors & Transmitters

Raytek launched the MI3 rugged, IP 65 stainless steel miniature pyrometer with integrated electronics. This small stand-alone infrared temperature...

Wireless Transmitters

in an IP65 rated housing

Sensors & Transmitters

Omega's zED Series wireless transmitters are designed to monitor sensors for temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, as well as thermocouples...

Shaft-driven Speed Sensor

suited for any industry

Sensors & Transmitters

The new shaft-driven speed sensor Sitrans WS300 of Siemens Industry Automation Division accurately monitors low- to high-speed conveyor belt...

Profinet IRT Encoders

migrate Profibus to Profinet

Sensors & Transmitters

Posital's PROFINET IRT encoders from the OPTOCODE series, enable a quick and easy migration from Profibus to the Ethernet-based successor standard....

Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Sensor

meets IP68/69k requirements

Sensors & Transmitters

The new UMC3000 ultrasonic sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs has a seamless, 100 % stainless steel housing, which is completely sealed and meets IP 68/69K...

Field Wireless Devices

for the industrial automation sector

Sensors & Transmitters

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces field wireless devices based on the ISA100.11a industrial wireless communications standard. These wireless...

Analog Position Detection

for long piston travels

Sensors & Transmitters

The magnetic position sensors for analog polling of pistons on pneumatic cylinders from SICK are now suited for cylinder strokes of up to 256...

Piezoelectric Force Washer

with 20 kN nominal force

Sensors & Transmitters

HBM is expanding its range of piezoelectric force washers into the lower nominal forces with the 20 kN version of the CFW series. This force...

Eddy Current Sensors

with embedded coil technology

Sensors & Transmitters

Micro-Epsilon developed a new manufacturing technology for eddy current sensors. Using “Embedded Coil Technology” (ECT), the sensor is housed...

Pressure Switch

with IO Link functionality

Sensors & Transmitters

SICK offers the PBS electronic pressure switch with IO Link functionality, enabling automatic sensor parameterization and measurement data collection....

LVCT Signal Conditioner

offers fingertip calibration

Sensors & Transmitters

Macro Sensors announces the release of EAZY-CAL, a user-friendly LVDT signal conditioner. Employing a virtually effortless fingertip calibration...

Modular Temperature Sensors

equipped with HART-protocol

Sensors & Transmitters

Müller Industrie-Elektronik has developed a new generation of temperature sensors based on a 2-wire technique equipped with the resistance thermometer...

Digital Transducer Electronics

for analog SG transducers

Sensors & Transmitters

When analog transducers using strain gage technology are integrated into a superordinate system, the analog signals have to be digitized. HBM’s...

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