Saturday, 18 November 2017

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New Industrial Products

Humidity Transmitter with Heated Sensing Probe

Ideal for climate control in fruit and vegetable storage, in greenhouses, incubators, ripening processes or in mushroom growing

Sensors & Transmitters

The new EE211 humidity transmitter from E+E Elektronik features a heated sensing probe. This leads to best accuracy and long-term stability in...

Configurator for Pressure Transducers

Over one million possible for your device

Sensors & Transmitters

Simply make your selections and click next. See your choices to the left, if you want to change your mind, just click on the option title. With...

Miniature Pressure Transducer

Measurements up to 10,000psi in restricted spaces

Sensors & Transmitters

Interface Force is the UK distributor of GP:50. Now available is the Model 188 miniature flush diaphragm pressure transducer. This sensor has...

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor

For easy replacement of thermocouple probes

Sensors & Transmitters

The new PyroNFC-K from Calex Electronics is a miniature infrared temperature sensor that is quick and easy to install in place of a traditional...

Liquid Concentration Measurement

The LiquiSonic® inline analytical technology from SensoTech is Used in Pickling, Cold Rolling and Galvanic Processes

Sensors & Transmitters

Using the LiquiSonic® inline analytical technology from SensoTech, the concentration of acids or leaches in pickling baths, of oil emulsions...

Opto-electronic Sensor for Position Identification

Increases flexibility and reduces material consumption

Sensors & Transmitters

SICK's PS30 sensor is a scanning opto-electronic sensor for rapid and precise position identification and presence detection for labels, packaging...

Pressure Transponders/Data Loggers

With passive RFID Transponder Interface

Sensors & Transmitters

Keller AG presents a series that is a unique combination of an extremely sturdy, tried-and-tested industrial pressure transmitter and RFID (radio...

Digital Pressure Sensor for a Fast Configuration

The unit body measures only 24.9mm in depth

Sensors & Transmitters

Panasonic launches a new digital pressure sensor which focuses on very simple operation. This pressure sensor has been developed especially for...

Embedded Amplifier Photosensors

They can detect glass or transparent objects

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensormatic introduces the embedded amplifier photosensors of the ASG series, which can reliably detect glass or transparent objects also if...

Blue Laser Profile Sensors

With integrated electronics

Sensors & Transmitters

The scanCONTROL 2910-25 BL is a new high performance laser profile sensor presented by Micro-Epsilon with a sharp focused 10mm blue laser...

Ultra-compact Magnetic Sensor

For industry and machine construction

Sensors & Transmitters

The SIKO magnetic sensor MSC500 constitutes a significant further development of the previous MagLine magnetic sensors, in terms of their performance...

Pressure Transducer with Micro-machined Silicon Design

5-point NIST traceable calibration with zero and span values calibrated in horizontal direction

Sensors & Transmitters

Omega presents the PX409S Hygienic USBH Series that connects directly to your computer. The free software makes data logging and charting...

Digital Humidity Sensors

With special hygroscopic layer

Sensors & Transmitters

E+E Elektronik presents for the first time the new digital humidity and temperature sensors EEH110 and EEH210. The integrated E+E proprietary...

Digital Differential Pressure Sensor

For mobile medical devices

Sensors & Transmitters

Sensirion presents the new SDP3x digital differential pressure sensor that measures just 5mm x 8mm x 5mm and opens up countless new integration...

System Based on Carbon Fibre

For a reduced energy consumption

Sensors & Transmitters

Gimatic presents the 'Ultralight EOAT' philosophy. This product has countless strengths that make it even more appealing...

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