Wednesday, 29 March 2017

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New Industrial Products

Extremely Robust Sensors

for water treatment applications

Sensors & Transmitters

Baumer offers robust sensors which are suitable for high vibrations as well as for the use with aggressive media. For example, sensors made of...

New Sensors And Transmitters

presented at Mtec2010

Sensors & Transmitters

Impress Sensors & Systems presents a new range of silicon pressure sensor modules for OEMs, a new differential pressure transmitter for level...

Multipoint Assemblies

enable 3D temperature profiling

Sensors & Transmitters

A range of multipoint temperature assemblies is now available from Okazaki Manufacturing Company, which is suitable for all types of process...

OEM Pressure Transmitter

ensures measuring accuracy

Sensors & Transmitters

The Midas C08 OEM pressure transmitter from JUMO, is ideal for measurement tasks with high quality requirements and offers unlimited functionality...

Submersible Sensor

for water treatment

Sensors & Transmitters

Baumer's ED752 recalibratable submersible sensor for hydrostatic level and depth measurement offers an accuracy of 0.1 % F.S. and a long-term...

Position Switches

enable many switching variants

Sensors & Transmitters

The Siemens Industry Automation Division has added two metal enclosure versions to its range of 3SE5 Sirius position switches. Designed with...

Miniature Rotary Encoder

insensitive to magnetic fields

Sensors & Transmitters

POSIC introduces the miniaturized inductive rotary encoder kit ID1101C. The encoder-head measures only 9.0 x 6.8 mm with a thickness of 0.9 mm...

Displacement Sensors

provide a 40mm measuring range

Sensors & Transmitters

The magneto-inductive mainSENSORs product range from Micro-Epsilon consists of the MDS-40 M30 and the MDS-40The signal output provides 4–20mA...

Current sensors

measure very high currents

Sensors & Transmitters

Zero-Flux current sensors allow the Yokogawa family of precision power meters to be used for measuring very high currents up to several thousands...

Miniature Load Cells

environmentally sealed to IP54

Sensors & Transmitters

Sherborne Sensors introduces the U2000 series, a range of compact miniature universal load cells, designed for precision tension and compression...

Ultrasonic Sensors

offer easy programming

Sensors & Transmitters

Madison Company's microprocessor-based U44xx family of ultrasonic sensors offers simple local or remote programming via USB or RS-232 interface...

True Color Sensor

performs as a spectrometer

Sensors & Transmitters

Tri-Tronics Company introduced the SMARTEYE ColorWise Sensor, a true color sensor that performs both as an instrument or a spectrometer....

Pressure Switches

with ATEX approval

Sensors & Transmitters

Pewatron's type 901 pressure switches are labeled II 1/2G Ex ia IIB T4 and suitable for use in zones with potentially explosive atmospheres 0,...

Light Barrier

with ultrasonic fork frame

Sensors & Transmitters

The Eltrotec light barrier FA 98 ULTRA with ultrasonic fork frame has been designed to detect transparent labels, printed with metal particle...

Versatile Pressure Transmitter

suitable for aggressive media

Sensors & Transmitters

Baumer introduces the PBSN versatile pressure transmitter series. The sensor of these transmitters is based on Transbar technology with at thick...

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