Saturday, 19 August 2017

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New Industrial Products

Nip Analysis System

wireless or USB

Sensors & Transmitters

In Mini Sigma-Nip from Sensor Products, the 168 microscopic sensor points that comprise each finger are densely packed within a 84mm active sensing...

Position Sensor

differential inductive

Sensors & Transmitters

Posic introduces the differential inductive position sensor IS2201. The sensor measures only 6.2 x 8.6 mm with a thickness of 0.9 mm and has...

Radar Overfill Protection

in liquids and solids applications

Sensors & Transmitters

Where dusty environments affect accurate level measurement, Endress+Hauser’s Micropilot M FMR244 radar offers a good solution for overfill...

Capacitive Sensors

8mm sensing range

Sensors & Transmitters

The capacitive KQ type sensors from ifm electronic are ready for use at the push of a button and have been optimised for the detection of conductive...

Fibre optic infrared transmitter

with response time of one millisecond

Sensors & Transmitters

Omega introduces the OS4000 series of industrial high speed fiber optic infrared transmitters, measuring temperature from 200 up to 1600 degrees...

Industrial Accelerometers

for online monitoring

Sensors & Transmitters

Wilcoxon introduces two full-performance, compact, industrial accelerometers, the 780B and 780C. These two new sensors join the 780A to create...

Radar Sensors

offer high defi nition

Sensors & Transmitters

Vegapuls radar level transmitters of the Vega’s ‘plicsplus’ generation use fast, effi cient microprocessors, so the radars can see 5 times...

Linear-Position Sensor

supports Ethernet Powerlink

Sensors & Transmitters

The R-Series Ethernet Powerlink sensor by MTS is designed for use in dynamic control applications with short cycle times. A resolution of 1 micron...

Compact Profi le Scanners

with 50mm measuring range

Sensors & Transmitters

The profi le scanners of Micro- Epsilon’s scanCONTROL 2700 and 2710 series are designed for tasks like the measuring of angles, steps and positions...

Small Object Counter

response time of 150 microseconds

Sensors & Transmitters

The D10 Expert Small Object Counter by Banner is suited for applications like: pills, seeds, process verifi cation or product fl ow. It consists...

Non-contact Torque Sensor

easy mounting

Sensors & Transmitters

The new RWT 350/360 TorqSense from Sensor Technology, the non-contact digital torque measuring system, incorporates an integral sprocket or pulley,...

Inductive Encoder Kit

for linear applications

Sensors & Transmitters

POSIC introduces a highly miniaturized incremental inductive encoder kit IT3401 for linear applications. The sensor-head measures only 11x11mm...

Configurable Displacer Transmitter

intrinsically safe

Sensors & Transmitters

The modernized, digital E3 Modulevel from Magnetrol is an advanced, intrinsically safe two-wire instrument utilizing simple buoyancy principle...

Pressure Sensors

for hostile environments

Sensors & Transmitters

American Sensor Technologies has released the AST2000H2 pressure sensor/transducer for hydrogen pressure measurement applications. The AST2000H2...

Level Switch

for demanding applications

Sensors & Transmitters

K-TEK announced the MS41, a durable, magnetically actuated electric switch. The switch features a compact, dualcompartment design that isolates...

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