Monday, 24 July 2017

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New Industrial Products

Position Sensor

for SIL2 applications

Sensors & Transmitters

The Temposonics from MTS Sensor Technologie are absolute, non-contact M-Series position sensors approved for operation in safety-related applications....

Pressure Regulator


Sensors & Transmitters

The PRDHF high flow regulator from Beswick weighs approximately 35g in brass & stainless steel and about 18.2g in aluminium. This non-relieving...

Compact Transmitter

measures moisture content in oil

Sensors & Transmitters

The EE381 transmitter from E+E Elektronik measures moisture content in oil in the range 0...1aw at temperatures from -40...80°C or -40...176°F....

Ultrasonic Level Sensor

uses ultrasonic detection

Sensors & Transmitters

The principle of bats, using ultrasonic detection, has been implemented in the newly developed sensor MHUS. The MHUS is offered in two versions...

Wireless Transmitters

suitable for most applications

Sensors & Transmitters

The new UW series wireless transmitters eliminate the need for expensive cable runs and enable accurate and reliable measurements in areas that...

Sanitary Sensor

for the pharmaceutical & food industry

Sensors & Transmitters

The company recommends TH series of sanitary sensors used in pharmaceutical and food industry (everywhere when you need sterile and hygienic...

Compact Profile Sensor

for defined measurement tasks

Sensors & Transmitters

The new scan CONTROL2710 sensor series has a compact housing with integrated controller. The sensor provides a complete solution for simple measurement...

Level Transmitters

certified for IEC 61508 SIL 2 environments

Sensors & Transmitters

The AccuTrak AT100 and AccuTrak AT200 high accuracy, magnetostrictive liquid level transmitters have been certified for operation in SIL 2 (Safety...

Rotary Position Sensors

for harsh environments

Sensors & Transmitters

Whenever a rotary sensor is to be used for a 'Harsh Outside' application such as 'Mobile Hydraulics','Wind Turbines'or...



Sensors & Transmitters

Precision sensor specialist Micro-Epsilon has supplied 600 eddy current sensors to the Chinese Academy of Science foruse on the LAMOST (Largesky...



Sensors & Transmitters

The gearboxes driving the flap mechanisms on the trailing edges of the wings of large aircraft must meet stringent service life and wear specifications...

Temperature Sensor

with miniature sensing head

Sensors & Transmitters

The PyroCouple M series is a range of miniature infrared temperature sensors with separate electronics. They are capable of measuring temperatures...

Clear Object Sensors

in rugged IP67-housing

Sensors & Transmitters

The Clear Object Sensor utilises an advanced optical design to allow the sensor to see translucent materials, ensuring dependable detection of...

Pressure Switches

30x30mm body

Sensors & Transmitters

The F5 pressure switch series has a compact execution with a square30x30mm body in anodized aluminium produced with an adjustable screw inside...

Measuring Spark Plugs

flush-mounted installation

Sensors & Transmitters

The M12 and M14 measuring spark plug types 6115B and 6118B feature a modular design consisting of a demountable connection cable, a replaceable...

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