Tuesday, 19 September 2017

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New Industrial Products

PTAM2 tilt sensor


Sensors & Transmitters

The PTAM2 series has ranges from ±5° to ±180° for single axis and from ±5° to ±60° for dual axes in a robust, IP67/IP69K...

High-temperature sensor type 6056AU20

for cylinder pressure measurement

Sensors & Transmitters

The 6056AU20 sensor meets the requirements of temperature and pressure up to 300 bar. It therefore supplements the basic Type 6056A..., whose...

crz-15 ultrasonic sensor

with parylene protective coating

Sensors & Transmitters

In the past ultrasonic sensors for measuring corrosive media levels or in applications involving machinery and equipment being cleaned with corrosive...

Type 8222/8202 conductivity transmitter

with integrated temperature sensor

Sensors & Transmitters

The Type 8202 transmitter houses a replaceable and standard 120mm pH or O.R.P. probe screwed in a sensor holder with an integrated Pt1000 temperature...

Markus Kempf

Markus Kempf, ifm consulting

Sensors & Transmitters

IEN: When was the foundation of ifm consulting GmbH, and what are the company's main tasks?Kempf: ifm consulting GmbH was founded on January...

Real-time maintenance

Author: Markus Kempf, project manager maintenance consulting at ifm consulting, Essen, Germany

Sensors & Transmitters

With its corporate entity Corus Special Strip, Hille & Müller in Düsseldorf has been specialising on cold-rolled steelstrip with nickel-plated,...

Laser sensor LHT 81 M 400

with background suppression

Sensors & Transmitters

The LHT 81 M 400 laser sensor has a captivating robust metal design. Clearly visible LEDs ensure that the switching and operating statuses are...

Micro Motion 2200S transmitter

with two-wire Coriolis meters

Sensors & Transmitters

Designed specifically for loop-powered applications, the Micro Motion2200S transmitter is now available on Coriolis meters for line sizes ranging...

WS31 cable extension sensor

for most flexible installation

Sensors & Transmitters

The WS31 cable extension sensor series with a new mounting bracket allows the easy and most flexible installation of the sensor and thus position...

SRH280P position sensor

performance in extreme environments

Sensors & Transmitters

The rotary position sensor SRH280P provides reliable and accurate rotary measurement in extreme industrial, motorsport and off-highway environments....

PE5 pressure and vacuum switch

fully IP65-protected

Sensors & Transmitters

The compact PE5 electronic pressure and vacuum switch is easy to operate and install, with three ergonomically-arranged buttons and numerous...

optoNCDT 2403 confocal chromatic sensor

in hybrid technology

Sensors & Transmitters

The optoNCDT confocal chromatic sensor combines the benefits of two successful confocal design concepts. With an external diameter of 8mm, the...

turboSPEED TSSC series of speed sensor

for high volume production

Sensors & Transmitters

The turboSPEED TSSC series of sensors operates according to the eddy current principle thus providing several benefits. The sensor is cast in...

Explosion-proof position sensor

explosion-proof for hazardous areas

Sensors & Transmitters

The absolute linear-position sensors are now available as versions approved for installation in hazardous areas. They are suitable for use in...

Rosemount 848T wireless transmitter

enables more temperature measurements

Sensors & Transmitters

The Rosemount 848T wireless temperature transmitter for high density temperature measurement includes a new EDD (Electronic Device Display) user...

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