Monday, 25 September 2017

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New Industrial Products

2301C series of probe-type pressure sensors

hermetically sealed

Sensors & Transmitters

The 2301C series probe-type pressure sensors were designed to measure very fast pressure transients such as those encountered in the field blast...

IDST and INST inductive proximity switches

with extended temperature range

Sensors & Transmitters

The robust IDST and INST lines of proximity switches are suitable for use in applications with high temperatures and rugged environments. The...

PO2300 incremental encoder kit

with microcoil inductive sensor

Sensors & Transmitters

The PO2300 incremental encoder kit consists of a microcoil sensor and a linear or rotational target. The microcoil inductive sensor works like...

HSTAR 750 position sensor

high temperature resistance

Sensors & Transmitters

The Macro Sensors' HSTAR 750 series was designed for resistance to high temperatures. Constructed of stainless steel, the 19mm diameter AC-operated...

RGS/CGS sensor family

for 3D measuring technology

Sensors & Transmitters

The RGS / GGS sensors combine LED multi-line triangulation for robust 3D measuring technology or robot guidance using LED surface illumination...

DT50 laser measurement sensor

immunity up to 40,000lux

Sensors & Transmitters

The DT50 laser measurement sensor’s temperature-stable light spot achieves a positional accuracy of 10mm over the whole 10 metre distance...

Condor ID & Activ8 Three ID sensors

with microwave radar

Sensors & Transmitters

Condor ID & Activ8 THREE ID are combined sensors where the microwave radar is detecting the direction of the target & the IR sensor is giving...

Submersible vibration sensors

help protecting pumps

Sensors & Transmitters

This range of submersible vibration sensors was specifically designed for operation in partial or complete immersion in water, making them suitable...

Photoelectric sensors FQ series

for narrow spaces

Sensors & Transmitters

The photoelectric sensors FQ series has been designed for applications with extremely narrow spaces. The photoelectric sensor’s body presents...

Eclipse 705 level transmitter

approved on steam drums

Sensors & Transmitters

The Eclipse 705, 2-wire Guided Wave Radar is type approved to the newest European norms for steam drums, EN 12952-11 (water tube boilers) and...

P3IC absolute pressure transducer

give high accuracy over complete range

Sensors & Transmitters

The P3IC absolute pressure transducer provides general industrial applications with excellent precision over its whole measuring range of up...

UCL-520 ultrasonic level sensor

for non-contact applications

Sensors & Transmitters

The UCL-520 Series is suitable for non-contact applications such as industrial water treatment, wastewater management, chemical storage as well...

Element system

easy to clean

Sensors & Transmitters

The modular Element programme of process control products combine effortlessly to deliver solutions to specific process requirements, whether...

SensoGate WA 130H sensor lockgate

certified for food applications

Sensors & Transmitters

SensoGate WA 130H is a hygienic modular sensor lock-gate with an EHEDG certification, which makes it suitable for pharma and food applications....

E3FZ photosensors

that install ten times faster

Sensors & Transmitters

Thanks to the SecureClick snap mounting system, the E3FZ photosensor, eliminates the need for nuts and screws and can simply be clicked into...

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