Wednesday, 29 March 2017

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New Industrial Products

Magnetic Sensor

helps steer versatile tractor

Sensors & Transmitters

One of key features of the versatile Multidrive 6185 tractor is its Pentronic 5-function, all-wheel steering system which includes highly reliable...

Torqing Sense

for process plant control

Sensors & Transmitters

Plant monitoring and control is particularly vital in the continuous process industries, where multiple machines must act in harmony day after...

MAD4520 pressure level sensor

for turbulent tanks

Sensors & Transmitters

The MAD4520 Flush Submersible Series consist of compact, non-clogging sensors designed for monitoring viscous material and/or turbulent conditions...

AML/SGD series of displacement transducer

compact, less intrusive

Sensors & Transmitters

The AML/SGD Series of strain gauge displacement transducers produces a linearly proportional voltage output relative to the movement of a captive...

scanControl 2700 laser profile displacement sensor


Sensors & Transmitters

Unlike conventional laser line scanners on the market, the non-contact laser profile displacement sensor scanCONTROL 2700 provides an integrated...

AST4100 pressure sensor for tight spaces

<+ 0.5% accuracy

Sensors & Transmitters

The stainless steel construction of the header and housing of the AST4100 pressure sensor makes it well-suited for use in the corrosive environments...

Hydrostatic pressure transmitter ED752

for nuclear power plants

Sensors & Transmitters

Together with the DX display, two pressure transmitters ED752 for hydrostatic pressure measurement can be used to detect clogging in the coolant...

Waterpilot FMX167 hydrostatic level sensor

designed for use in saltwater

Sensors & Transmitters

For water-resistant hydrostatic measurements in saltwater applications, there is now the Waterpilot FMX167 rope probe. This special coated version...

PO2211 position sensor

without magnet

Sensors & Transmitters

The PO2211 sensor consists of a differential microcoil transformer that is integrated on a silicon chip together with the associated electronics,...

Rail-mounted Transmitter

ensures secure operating status

Sensors & Transmitters

Jumo's ecoTRANS pH03 rail-mounted transmitter measures pH, redox, temperature and conductivity of ultra pure water. The measured values can be...

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