Tuesday, 19 September 2017

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New Industrial Products

Optical Sensor Module for Methane Detection

Consumption, fast response time, compact sizes

Sensors & Transmitters

Led Microsensor NT, distributed by Alfa Photonics, has introduced a new cost-effective MDS-4 optical sensor module for methane detection. Based...

Submersible Liquid Level Transducers and Transmitters LV36 model

Used for level measurement of liquids where even mud, grass or particles are contained

Sensors & Transmitters

BCM has updated its LV36 Submersible Liquid Level Transducers and Transmitters model in order to have flush diaphragm. Thanks to the flush diaphragm,...

Battery-Free Load Cells Atlas Series

For warehouse inventory

Sensors & Transmitters

The Atlas series of battery-free load cells by farsens are employed for weight or load monitoring. These wireless and battery-free load cells...

Linear Resolver All-in-one Type

For the detection of inductance change caused by the difference of magnetic permeability

Sensors & Transmitters

Santest's Model PLR is a displacement sensor detecting the change of inductance caused by the difference of magnetic permeability. It is the...

Entry-Level Switches Opal Series

indicated for safe and efficient networking of automation applications, even under harsh conditions

Sensors & Transmitters

Kyland Technology is launching with the entry-level switches of the new Opal series an extensive product range for safe and efficient networking...

RFID Pressure Transmitters

For hydraulic applications

Sensors & Transmitters

The PT-RF series of pressure transmitters presented by Stauff at this year's Hannover Messe are an in-house development that has a patent pending...

Low-Cost Thermocouple Measurement

Module with 24-Bit Delta-Sigma A/D Conversion

Sensors & Transmitters

With the DT9828 Data Translation offers a USB data acquisition module for temperature measurements. Featuring a 24-Bit Delta-Sigma A/D converter...

Robust Small Diffuse Reflection Sensors

For wet areas now also with IO-Link

Sensors & Transmitters

The compact photoelectric sensors of the O6 WetLine series are now available from ifm electronic as variant with IO-Link. The particularly resistant...

Contactless Encoder Speaks CANopen

For mobile machines and industrial applications

Sensors & Transmitters

Turck has added a variant with a CANopen interface to its QR24 encoder series. The new wear-free QR24-CAN variant is ideally equipped for use...

Intelligent Encoder Configurator With Instant Recall

Supplies a configured data sheet

Sensors & Transmitters

With its configurator for incremental and absolute rotary encoders, Wachendorff Automation is able to offer design engineers and developers added...

Pencil-Type Contact Sensors Measuring 8 mm in Diameter

Enable absolute measurements with an accuracy of 1 µm

Sensors & Transmitters

Enclosed in a cylinder measuring barely 8 mm in diameter, the novel head of the pencil-type GT2 Series sensor by Keyence enables absolute measurements...

Wire-Actuated Encoders For Certified Complete Systems

Ensure stability in construction machinery

Sensors & Transmitters

SIKO has recently developed hand-in-hand with its customers new wire cable sensors that, in combination with safe control systems, allows the...

Freely Programmable Incremental Wire Encoder

Accommodates any custom resolution

Sensors & Transmitters

Lika Electronic's SFE incremental wire encoder can be freely programmed to accommodate any custom resolution. Whatever the industrial application...

Miniature Incremental Optical Linear & Rotary Encoder

Combines miniaturisation with dirt immunity, signal stability and reliability

Sensors & Transmitters

Renishaw launches ATOM, a non-contact optical linear and rotary incremental encoder system that uniquely combines miniaturisation with leading-edge...

ATEX Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

Conforms to international standards for intrinsically safe applications

Sensors & Transmitters

The intrinsically safe EE300Ex humidity & temperature transmitter from E+E Elektronik conforms to the European ATEX Directive and now also...

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