Monday, 27 March 2017

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New Industrial Products

Custom Zoom Lenses

for Machine Vision

Test & Measurement

Resolve Optics Ltd. is also a leading developer of custom zoom lenses optimised for machine vision applications including parts recognition,...

Compact 3-Chip HD Zoom Lens (304)

designed for 1/3″ 3-Chip HD broadcast quality cameras

Test & Measurement

The Model 304 is a compact High Definition tracking zoom lens designed for 1/3″ 3-Chip HD broadcast quality cameras. The 4-40mm zoom range...

Motorised Miniature Zoom Lens (207)

for broadcast and machine vision applications

Test & Measurement

The Model 207 is the smallest motorised 3x zoom lens with focus tracking commercially available. This high quality f/2.8 lens produces high resolution...

Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

For quality control and environmental monitoring applications

Test & Measurement

Omega presents the the OM-22, OM-23 and OM-24, multiple use temperature and humidity data loggers that are ideal for a wide range of test...

High Precision Optics

For Astronomical Telescopes

Test & Measurement

Optical Surfaces Ltd is a leading designer and supplier of high precision astronomical optics operating over the entire spectral range from infrared...

Wireless Long Range Transmitters

For transmisssion up to 1.000 m

Test & Measurement

The rugged high-performance, long range and low power consumption OMEGA ZW-ED wireless sensor/transmitter system provides web-based monitoring...

Top 10 Tips for Flow Meter Selection

Advice about Flow meters

Test & Measurement

Drawing upon over 40 years of experience, Trevor Foster - an internationally recognised authority in flow meter technology and applications offers...

Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

IR temperature sensors, thermal imaging cameras and handheld pyrometers

Test & Measurement

IR temperature sensors, thermal imaging cameras and handheld pyrometers from Micro-Epsilon are designed for measuring surface temperatures from...

New Generation of Laser Scanners

The scanCONTROL series of laser scanners are adapted to applications in quality control, production processes and automation

Test & Measurement

In terms of their size, accuracy and measuring rate, the scanCONTROL series of laser scanners are among the highest performing laser profile...

Precision Displacement, Distance and Position Measurement under Pressure

A powerful eddy current measurement system

Test & Measurement

The eddyNCDT 3005 from Micro-Epsilon is a new, powerful eddy current measurement system for fast, high precision displacement measurements. Due...

Microswitch Dial Thermometer

Stainless steel case with low mounting depth

Test & Measurement

The dial thermometer with microswitch is a new addition to the JUMO product range. The device is a temperature controller with actual value display....

Digital Pressure Manometer

Medium accuracy at high resolution and repeatability

Test & Measurement

Keller presents ECO 2, a compact and economical digital pressure measuring instrument providing medium accuracy at high resolution...

Real Time Condition Monitoring

Performance improvement for future generations of train bogies

Test & Measurement

Schaeffler has developed a concept for a condition monitoring system (CMS) with intelligent software and a connection to the Cloud for digital,...

High-Speed Camera for LWIR Range

Performance for engineers, researchers and scientists

Test & Measurement

FLIR Systems has announced the X6570sc high-speed infrared camera. The longwave infrared (LWIR) high performance camera offers accuracy and microsecond-precision...

PLL frequency synthesizers

Useful in applications involving signal generators, benchtop test and measurement

Test & Measurement

Pasternack offers a new line of USB-controlled Phase Locked Loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers, offering high levels of frequency stability and...

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