Friday, 20 October 2017

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Technology in Action

Why Do Engineers Dislike Potentiometers?

Sensors & Transmitters

Potentiometers have been around for a long time and are still, by far, the most commonly used position sensor. So why does every design engineer...

Maintenance-free Bearings Ensure Safety And Reliability Of Ski Lifts And Ropeways

Motion Control

In cold operating environments such as ski resorts, material ropeways and guide pulley systems rely on precision bearings to ensure that maintenance,...

Dual Sensors Monitor Valves

Sensors & Transmitters

The Austrian plant manufacturer, GAW Technologies, is known worldwide for its reprocessing plants for chemicals and coating colors for the paper...

HMIs For Food Machine Builder

Factory Automation

A UK-based machine builder has reported positive feedback from its customers after installing Beijer iX Panel HMIs on an industrial oven and...

Effective Protection For Crash Simulators: Dampers In Crash Test

Industrial Equipment

Before vehicles are considered ready for series production, they have to undergo a large number of safety tests, which are normally associated...

Measuring The Rotation Angle Of Diameter Shafts

Sensors & Transmitters

Traditional rotary encoders can be readily fitted to shaft diameters of less than 2 inches, but what happens if your design needs a much larger...

Talking Sense About Technology Transfer

Sensors & Transmitters

Technology transfer may prove one of the cornerstone engines for growth as the UK emerges from recession over the coming months. Sensor Technology...

Tightening Production Control

Factory Automation

Electronic and mechanical torque measuring and calibration equipment for critical applications is supplied by Norbar Torque Tools to just about...

Surgical Robots For Minimally Invasive Procedures

Motion Control

Critical components used in the latest versions of the da Vinci S HD Surgical System include the high-quality motors that provide non-cogging...

Selecting The Right Electrical Enclosure

Industrial Electronics

When it comes to selecting the right electrical enclosure for hazardous area applications, choosing a manufacturer that is in total control of...

Encoders Play Important Role In Stage Applications

Sensors & Transmitters

Geared cam limit switches have for a long time been an integral part of cable winches.  They are constructed in such a way that they reproduce...

Safety Solution For Hand-fed Platen Press

Factory Automation

With the Health & Safety Executive about to commence on-site inspections of hand-fed platen presses, users of this high-risk machinery need...

More Drive, Less Water Consumption

Motion Control

Electro drives are used in the flume gates of modern irrigation systems in south-east Australia. Engineers describe the new “total channel...

Rolling Bearings' Behaviour On A Test Station

Motion Control

A logical consequence of each theoretical bearing calculation is the question of its practical reproducibility. Where the pure trust in formulas...

Beveled Retaining Ring Replaces Threaded Nut

Industrial Equipment

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer in retaining rings, hose clamps and related products has improved upon the method of eliminating...

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