High Temperature NIR Cameras

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Non-contact measurement up to 3.000° C

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High Temperature NIR Cameras
High Temperature NIR Cameras

DIAS Infrared presents a new stationary thermal imaging camera for high temperature measurement. The PYROVIEW 512N with 512 x 384 pixels and a frame rate of 60 images per second has a large, continuous measurement range of 600 °C to 1500 °C, or optionally 1400 °C to 3000 °C. Furthermore, a camera model with a larger number of pixels is available. The PYROVIEW 768N has a spatial resolution of 768 x 576 pixels, the same “long” measuring ranges and a frame rate of 50 images per second. For higher frame rates up to 100 Hz, the PYROVIEW 320N is available to measure temperatures from 300 °C to 1200 °C in a single continuous measurement range. These stationary thermal imaging cameras are housed in a compact aluminum housing (IP54) or optionally in the robust stainless steel protection housing (IP65) with provisions for air purge, protective windows and water cooling.

Mobile measurements

In addition to these fixed infrared cameras, DIAS Infrared launched a portable and at the same time robust infrared camera for short-term measurement of high temperatures. The PYROVIEW 480N portable device measures thermal images with 480 x 360 pixels at an image frequency of 25 Hz. A wide, continuous measurement range from 600 °C to 1500 °C (optional 1400 °C to 3000 °C) is achieved. Thermal images are displayed on an integrated touch-screen color display. Furthermore, the center temperature or the maximum temperature (with location) is displayed as a numerical value on screen. The camera allows the recording of still images and sequences. An Ethernet (RJ45) port is used to transfer image data to a PC for documentation or more detailed analysis. A simple, intuitive menu controls all essential camera parameters. The device is also designed to be easily operated with a protective glove.

Continuous process monitoring

All camera types mentioned operate in the near infrared (NIR) spectral range from 0.8 μm to 1.1 μm (PYROVIEW 480N, 512N and 768N) or 1.4 μm to 1.6 μm (PYROVIEW 320N). Specifically, for the high object temperatures measured by these cameras, the NIR spectral range maximizes measurement accuracy. This is especially true when uncertainties or spatial variations in emissivity exist at the object surface being measured. The cameras are equipped with high dynamic range NIR arrays based on Si or InGaAs, which enable the wide, continuous temperature measurement ranges. The new high-temperature cameras are used in process control and monitoring as well as in quality control, for example in the metal, glass and cement industries.

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