Saturday, 29 April 2017

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Industry Interviews

Hannover Messe: the complete picture of global industry

Marc Siemering, Senior Vice President at Deutsche Messe AG, introduces the 2017 edition of the fair that will see Poland as its Partner Country

IEN Europe: After the great success of the 2016 edition with USA Partner country and Barack Obama as special guest, what are your expectations...

Opportunities in Digitalization!

An interview with Hartwig von Saß, Head of CeBIT Communications about ongoing changes at CeBIT and the first-time Partner Country Japan

Factory Automation

IEN Europe: Last year you started realigning CeBIT. The exhibition is no longer to be a conventional IT show, but rather the world’s leading...

Customized Lenses for Multi-Megapixel Cameras and Sensors

Mark Pontin, General Manager of Resolve Optics Ltd about trends in industrial vision and the challenges of bringing out the full potential of a camera system

Factory Automation

IEN Europe: The trend is for cameras and sensors to offer ever increasing resolution, what role does the lens fulfil in these devices and are...

Mobile-enabled Used Oil Analysis Service

Ayman Ali, Industrial Marketing Advisor EAME ExxonMobil, presents the benefits of the new easy accessible service

Industrial Equipment

IEN Europe: ExxonMobil has recently launched the new Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis. What are the most important benefits of this new service? Mr....

Hydraulic Oils to Improve the Reliability of Hydraulic Systems

Mark Draper, Technology Manager and Hydraulics Project Lead of Shell, discusses how the new Tellus S2 MX has been designed for the manufacturing industry to reduce total cost of ownership

IEN Europe: Shell has recently launched a new version of its Tellus. How can your hydraulic oils can help improve the reliability of hydraulic...

Automation Solutions to Answer Individual Tasks

Peter Williamson, Managing Director, RA Rodriguez UK Ltd about Brexit and other challenges for companies in the United Kingdom and the European Union

Motion Control

IEN Europe: Could you please describe your product portfolio to our readers? Mr. Williamson: R. A. Rodriguez was founded to supply quality,...

Labels - Where You Never Thought Possible

Oliver Stockton, CILS International, on challenging customer requirements and how to fulfil them

Industrial Equipment

IEN Europe: How many different products and how many labels do you manufacture each year?Mr. Stockton: CILS International supplies over 10,000...

70 Years of Experience in Measurement and Sensors

Michael Juchheim, Managing Partner of JUMO GmbH, reports developments and goals of the company from its birth to the new industrial revolution

Test & Measurement

IEN Europe: JUMO has about 70 years of experience in the measurement and sensors world. How has the brand evolved over time? How important is...

A Week in the Life of a Field Engineer

What is the life of an engineer working for one of the world’s leading producers of industrial lubricants like?

Industrial Equipment

I have been working for ExxonMobil since 2009 and it provides me with the opportunity to work as part of a worldwide network of engineers of...

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

IEN Europe interviewed Ramanath Ramakrishnan, EVP & Chief Technology Officer at Eaton. He discussed Eaton’s view on, and current work within, the major technology pillars and shared his perspective on future projects, products and major achievements

IEN Europe: What has been Eaton’s major focus and strategy behind the launch of new products in the last year? Mr. Ramakrishnan: Across all...

The Italian Business Genome

Italy is renowned in the world for its high quality product design. However, in a country where the crisis is widespread, the national debt is high and the fiscal system is not encouraging entrepreneurship, being successful in business can be really chall

Motion Control

IEN Europe: The top five Italian industries that are having most success in exports are distinguished by high and cutting-edge technology. Could...

A new Multi-technological Approach Based on Integration

Giorgio Crepaldi, Export Manager of Camozzi, Explains how the company achieves resounding success and receives many approvals from the international market

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

IEN Europe: Italy is renowned in the world for the high quality of its products. The top five Italian industries that are having most success...

Today's Cutting-Edge Technology

Mrs. Maria Chiara Franceschetti, CEO of Gefran, gives us an overview of the first manufacturer in the world able to design and produce fluid free melt sensors

Sensors & Transmitters

IEN Europe: Italy is renowned in the world for the high quality of its products. The top five Italian industries that are having most success...

The Secret Lucky Formula

Founded in 1972 by Romano Volta and soon become a leading company in the manufacturing of sensors, Datalogic operates under the principles inspired by Mr. Volta, called the “Volta Formula”. According to Giulio Berzuini, General Manager and Vice Presid

Sensors & Transmitters

IEN Europe: Italy is renowned in the world for the high quality of its products. The top five Italian industries that are having most success...

Europe VS Asia: Challenge or Opportunity?

IEN Europe and IEN D-A-CH met Philip Harting, Board Chairman of HARTING Technologie Gruppe. With his extended experience in the Asian market, Mr. Harting gives us his point of view regarding the opportunities that lay behind the investments in the Far Eas

Industrial Electronics

IEN Europe: Mr. Harting, in the years 2005 to 2008, you were in charge of HARTING's subsidiary in Hong Kong as Managing Director Asia. Is China...

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