Bolts Configurator According to Drawing

Free online bolt configurator for bolts not defined by standards

  • Bolts Configurator According to Drawing
    Bolts Configurator According to Drawing

mbo Oswald’s configurators have long been the established industry standard for standardised bolts with head, thread, drilling or as grooved versions.

The new bolt configurator for drawing-based parts makes it possible to configure and order bolts completely freely and unrestricted by any standards. At the same time, it offers all the advantages of the long-established configurators together with all the associated services.

To configure the product that best meets your needs, it is possible to specify the material, surface, diameter, length, head, drilling, groove and retainer type. As soon as you have entered these characteristics to meet your specific wishes, the required product will be displayed in a flash, together with the price, delivery time, sketch and 3D model. Pricing is performed dynamically and is specifically adapted to the required quantity. The user now has all the required information and can trigger the order if required.

With this new configurator, the manufacturer is further extending its range of services and offering users even greater freedom of action.