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Bi-Metal Temperature Gauges

Bi-Metal Temperature Gauges

Bi-Metal Stainless Steel with bottom, back entry and 'any-angle' versions available. Temperature Ranges from -20°C to 200°C.
Rugged industrial class 1, stainless steel case and bayonet bezel with 316 stainless steel stems. Manufactured in 100mm face sizes with various lengths and diameters available.

Class 1 100mm face diameter Temperature Ranges from -20°C to 200°C Various lengths and diameters available Stainless steel 316 bezel Micro adjustable pointer Stainless Steel internals Excellent repeatability UK manufactured IP65 

Labfacility are the...

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Easily Print Labels from your Smartphone!

Easily Print Labels from your Smartphone!

The new BradyPrinter M611 Mobile Printer announces a new chapter in the ongoing evolution of identification. Even the most complex labels can now easily be designed in the field using only a smartphone and Brady Corporation's free Express app before printing on reliable, industrial grade label materials with the BradyPrinter M611. See how it works!

Design any complex label in the field with a phone

With Brady's Express app installed on any smartphone, users can easily design complex labels with 1D and 2D codes and barcodes, serialise, use an extensive image library,...

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Verigo Model PB3 Reusable Temperature Data Logger

Verigo Model PB3 Reusable Temperature Data Logger

Labfacility are distributors of the Verigo Cold Chain range of Data Loggers for monitoring temperature, humidity and food storage quality - Introducing the new Pod Range.
Cold Chain Monitoring - Easier than ever. Save time, ensure quality, and increase visibility of your temperature controlled logistics operations. NO wires or WiFi required.
The Pod environmental data logger records and wirelessly transmits temperature data and excursion alerts to your smartphones and tablets; no cables or readers required! Simply download the Verigo app for Android™ or iOS™ to your smart device...

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Print a wide range of labels and signs

Print a wide range of labels and signs

The BradyPrinter i3300 Industrial Label Printer is a completely hassle free, easy to use PC-based printer. It can print a full range of safety and facility labels and signs as well as die cut labels for wire identification, product identification and laboratory identification. 

Print a huge range of labels & signs: highly versatile with over 50+ label materials compatible for wire & cable, product, laboratory, safety and facility identification.  Designed to last: prints on reliable, industrial grade labels...

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Brushless Flat DC-Servomotors with more torque

Brushless Flat DC-Servomotors with more torque

More and more applications in the areas of robotics, prosthetics, laboratory automation, medical device technology, pumps, and aircraft cabin equipment require high torque in a very short length.  FAULHABER has raised the bar in the area of high performance, external rotor, slotted drives with the introduction of the FAULHABER BXT family of flat brushless DC motors.

Thanks to innovative winding technology and an optimised design, the motors are just 14, 16 and 21 mm in length but deliver torques up to 134 mNm, within a diameter of 22 mm, 32 mm and 42 mm respectively. They...

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Labfacility L60+ Thermocouple & Fine Wire Welder

Labfacility L60+ Thermocouple & Fine Wire Welder

The Thermocouple Welder, manufactured by Labfacility, is a compact, simple-to-use instrument designed for thermocouple and fine wire welding.
It is primarily designed for use by sensor manufacturers to produce commercial grade thermocouple junctions; it is ideal for producing large numbers of exposed junction thermocouples for test and development laboratories. 

Use of the Thermocouple Welder does not require specific skills and most operatives will be capable of producing quality work with little practice. Supplied complete with the following accessories:


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