Drill Platform with new MS Geometry
Standard Self-Latching Multipole Connectors with Alignment Key
New High-Speed Pyrometer CT 4M from Optris
“We Will Get Incredibly Valuable Data”
Micro Sensor for Temperature, Pressure, Tension, Torsion, Position, Electric Current and Magnetic Field Measurements
AC Servo Drives & Motors
Unistream®, the Award-Winning Programmable Controllers Series With Integrated HMI by Unitronics
Magnet-assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motors
HMS Networks Releases the World’s First Industrial 5G Router and Starterkit
Self-Regulating Cable for High Power Retention


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“Our Deep Learning AI Vision System is a Breakthrough in Itself”
"10% of all Electricity from Industry is Used to Produce Compressed Air Accounting for 80 TWh/year. ELGi has been able to Introduce Efficiency Improvement Gains Equating to a Considerable Reduction in Total Energy Consumed Across the Region"
“5G Private Networks can Become a New Communication Backbone
for Industrial Automation”
Virtual Round Table - Business Transformation in Critical Times: DFI
"We strive to continuously deliver an efficient IoT architecture, i.e. the one ensuring unicity and authenticity of device, integrity of the firmware installed on it, and confidentiality of data."
''Industry’s Biggest Challenge is Adapting to the Changing Landscape of Supply and Demand''

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Critical Asset and Safety Solutions

Critical Asset and Safety Solutions

Fluke Process Instruments’ temperature monitoring solutions are designed to monitor and control industrial environments 24/7 so you can ensure critical assets stay protected and your colleagues stay safe.

All our solutions use infrared thermal imaging technology and advanced, actionable software that can be easily customized to fit your needs. Program unlimited areas of interest that can be continuously monitored with visual and infrared feeds as well as customizable alarms to ensure safety at your facility and for your critical assets.

Our solutions’...

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Glass vial and syringe production

Glass vial and syringe production

When making millions or billions of vials or syringes, process optimization using temperature measurements is critical to success in processes such as glass gob, pre-heating, shrinking, flanging, forming, cutting, stress testing and more. As you ramp up production to meet the increased demand of glass vials and syringes due to the COVID-19 vaccine, get the accurate temperature data you need to increase throughput and ensure product quality with Fluke Process Instruments solutions.

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Infrared Temperature Solutions

Infrared Temperature Solutions

Get accurate temperature measurements – whether you need a fixed infrared point sensorinfrared linescanner or a thermal imager. Suitable for fixed installations in plants and machines, infrared solutions integrate into your process monitoring systems seamlessly by using industry standard protocols. Our solutions allow users to control their process, automate temperature measurements, gather data, ensure product quality and increase safety across their facilities.
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A Spot...

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LEMO Marks its 75th Anniversary in 2021

LEMO Marks its 75th Anniversary in 2021

Founded in Switzerland in 1946 in Morges along the Geneva lake shore, LEMO® took its name from the company's founder, the current CEO’s grandfather, engineer on Mouttet. Originally a manufacturer of contacts in noble and rare metals, the company took a major step forward in 1957 with the invention of the Push-Pull self-latching connector. Today, the company offers a rich portfolio of interconnection solutions: cables, connectors and cable assembly services.

LEMO's high quality...

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Thermal Profiling Systems

Thermal Profiling Systems

Datapaq oven thermal profiling systems provide the most comprehensive solution for powder coating, component supply and general paint/powder/E-coat OEM applications. 

Datapaq Kiln Tracker System 
Thermal Profiling Systems for specific ceramics firing applications, roller hearth kiln, hydro kiln and clay block kiln firing. 

Datapaq Furnace Trackers are reliable thermal profiling systems for in-process temp surveying in furnaces where demanding, hot and very specific conditions exist. 

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Commercial Food Processing

Commercial Food Processing

Generate certified and traceable thermal profile reports to satisfy HACCP validation standards  Get lethality calculations and reporting to ensure your food is of the highest quality Monitor food processing temperatures and control equipment performance in roasting/baking/steaming in stationary or rotating “DD” batch ovens, linear mesh belt conveyor ovens and spiral ovens Quickly locate the exact position of hot or cold spots in the oven, minimizing production loss Observe the exact moment on your PC when your product reaches the required safe cooking temperature

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ACE Air Springs for Good Sound and against Bad Vibrations
Smart Manufacturing Starts Data-driven FDT 3.0 Device Type Managers (FDT/DTMS)
Push-in Terminal Blocks
ABB joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance
ICS Cool Energy Keeps Leading UK Brewery Operations Cool
Industrial Diesel Engines
PTC Leverages Spatial Computing Capabilities with Vuforia Engine Area Targets
High Pressure Flowmeter
Robust Connection: Versatile Ultrasound Measurement for Industry 4.0
UniLogic®: Slash your programming time with award-winning All-in-One software for PLC, HMI, VFDs, I/Os & Servo
Smart Fixed Gas Detectors
Variable Frequency Drives
Low-flow Rate Double Syringe Pump
TSR 1.5E Series