3D Printer and Method Materials
PROFINET Diagnostics Without Hardware
Customizable Integrated Drive System
Software for Product Data Management
Unitronics' AC Servo Drives & Motors
Procentec Provides Critical Companies with Free Diagnostic Software for Industrial Networks
Data Extraction with AI-powered Anomaly Detection
Secure Portal for Measurement Data Storage
MP600 Limit Sensors - Detect 2 Positions within Microns
Safety Laser Scanners To Banish Space Problems in Mobile Applications

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EN 388 Has Changed

EN 388 Has Changed

Based on the new EN 388 standard cut tests, only gloves made with Kevlar® kept or increased their cut rating, while gloves with other materials may now have a lower rating. Do you have the protection your job requires?

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MP600 Sensors - Sensing 2 Positions within Microns

MP600 Sensors - Sensing 2 Positions within Microns

Microprecision introduced a family of “swiss made” sensors for position detection. The new MP600 series of mechanical sensors very accurately detects two positions within a single, compact electromechanical component. Two independent commutations can sense two previously defined positions to within a few microns of accuracy.

The distance between the two positions can be set specifically for each application, between 0.3mm and 1.5mm. The fixed NC and NO contacts activate with no measurable hysteresis.

Repeatability is less than...

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Meet the New Standard in Protection and Comfort

Meet the New Standard in Protection and Comfort

If gloves aren’t comfortable, workers won’t wear them. Only Kevlar® delivers maximum comfort while meeting the new EN 388 standard. Start protecting your workers with hand and arm protection they’ll want to wear.

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