Wednesday, 29 March 2017

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Industrial Applications

PLC+HMI All-in-one Controllers with an Easy to use Interface

Marcé Fire Fighting Technology standardized the Namibia Airports Company ARFF fleet with Unitronics' products

Factory Automation

Marcé Fire Fighting Technology, based in Centurion in the Gauteng Province of South Africa, is Southern Africa’s largest manufacturer of firefighting...

Drive Maintenance: Essential yet Overlooked

It’s a commonly held belief that drives and motors equipped with electronic components do not require any specific maintenance. However, ABB’s experience shows that the likelihood of such equipment failing increases after years of operation

Motion Control

Both OEMs and end users could benefit from a better understanding of the need for maintenance. Yet many end users may not even be aware that...

Development of Improved Aerodynamics

FLIR A310 thermal imaging cameras monitor temperatures and prevent overheating of scale model inside wind tunnel used by Red Bull Racing

Test & Measurement

Just like many of its Formula One competitors, Red Bull Racing uses wind tunnels to study and test the aerodynamics of its vehicles. Although...

Ultrasonic Phased Array Technology for Corrosion Mapping

Intuitive, off-the-shelf PA solutions from Olympus facilitate inspection and allow fast, high-resolution coverage of larger areas

Test & Measurement

Corrosion monitoring is an essential part of many industrial inspection processes – particularly in pipeline inspections. In many industries...

3D Printers for Complex Carbon Fiber Parts

3D printed soluble cores to facilitate precision composite part making for speed intensive applications

Factory Automation

Providing high-performance composite components for precision applications is the continuing challenge for GTR. The company uses 3D Printers...

Metal Line Buttons and Switches

With Metal Line, Schurter proves that robustness, functionality and absolute reliability are entirely compatible with aesthetics and elegance

Industrial Electronics

After all, switches are meant to be touched. They are constantly pressed. And our fingers are highly sensitive sensors. We immediately sense...

High-Precision Profile Comparison and Area Monitoring

Preconfigured laser-line triangulation sensor accelerates setup and facilitates teach-in for individual applicational situations.

Sensors & Transmitters

Whether testing components on populated PCBs in the electronics industry, positioning and aligning purchased parts correctly in mechanical engineering...

Improvements in Assembly Operations

Mitsubishi Electric has presented the Guided Operator Solutions to improve quality and performance in assembly processes

Factory Automation

Eliminating human mistakes is one of the main quality challenges facing manufacturing industry today. To overcome this challenge, Mitsubishi...

Infrared Technology

Fruit packaging industry leader selects Process Sensors Corporation’s thermal imaging camera solution to satisfy crucial moisture/temperature requirement

Test & Measurement

The Infrared Division of Process Sensors Corporation located in Franklin Lakes, NJ drew on its decades of IR experience and a wide range of innovative,...

Technology and Design Advances Drive Trend Towards Electromechanical Actuation

Niklas Sjöström,Product Line Manager, Systems Group Thomson Industries, Inc. explains the key factors

Motion Control

Over recent years, there has been an increase in demand from end users to increase the use of electric rod style actuators, and reduce the use...

Wireless Mesh Networking System

Linear Technology’ system has been used in a BMW i3 to significantly improve reliability

Industrial Electronics

The wireless BMS concept car, developed by Linear’s design partner LION Smart, combines Linear’s highly accurate battery stack monitors with...

Fully Functional Motor System

Mouser offers a scalable platform for designing motor drives

Motion Control

Mouser Electronics is stocking the iMOTION™ Modular Application Design Kit (MADK) platform from Infineon Technologies. The iMOTION MADK is...

End-of-Arm Tooling for Grinding and Polishing

Stationary robot to replace handheld air tools

Industrial Equipment

DEPRAG is a traditional manufacturer of professional air tools, sold worldwide under the brand DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL. Their tools are used in operations...

Cyber Security According To IEC 62443

Moxa´s new firmware upgrade for its industrial Ethernet switches offers major enhancements for its security functionalities

Factory Automation

As more devices are constantly being added to networks in the IIoT, the security of these devices is of paramount concern to asset owners. It...

Safety Installation Systems

For securing complex machines and systems

Industrial Equipment

The Schmersal group is launching new installation aids for securing complexing machine systems which allow quick and simple wiring of safety...

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