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A group of print and online media that covers the European industrial market using national and international communication tools.

  PCN Europe
PCN Europe is a reference publication in Europe covering the latest industry news, application stories and product news from and for the processing world, including the chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, as well as the rubber and the plastic industry. It is the indispensable source of information for processing professionals to get an update on what is happening in their industry.

IEN D-A-CH is seamlessly continuing the success story of its preceding publication TR Technische Revue that has been on the market for well over 30 years now. IEN D-A-CH is a leading source of information in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the field of industrial automation.

  PEI France
Since 1989, PEI has grown to become a reliable source that industrial decision makers choose when searching for new products and solutions in the industrial field. PEI brings a summary of the latest product and technological developments that are available to the French market.

  ECI - Electronique Composants & Instrumentations
A versatile media mix reaching design engineers, design management, procurement and decision makers in the French electronics industry.

  IEN Italia
Since first being published in 1999, IEN Italia has grown to become a reliable source that Italian industrial decision makers choose when searching for new products and solutions in the industrial field.

  Il Distributore Industriale
Targeted to key-management in the distribution field, Il Distributore Industriale provides a marketing perspective of relations between production and distribution as well as suggestions of industrial strategies in the Italian distribution market.


  Manutenzione - Asset Management
Manutenzione & AM is the official technical journal of the Italian Maintenance Association (A.I.MAN.). It covers the entire Maintenance, Repair, Processing and MRO markets in Italy.


  CMI - Costruzione e Manutenzione Impianti
Since first being published in 1999, CMI - Costruzione e Manutenzione Impianti, the Italian leading monthly magazine that focuses on components, machines and services for plants building and maintenance is an essential resource for industrial professionals who want to discover new products, solutions and suppliers.


  Endüstri Dunyasi
Endüstri Dünyasi offers comprehensive media for Turkish industrial decision makers, facilitating their search for new products, new solutions and new suppliers.

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