Intelligent Remote Service System

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allows efficient energy management

Intelligent Remote Service System
Intelligent Remote Service System

Addressing to of today's key issues, energy efficiency and cost reduction, Device Insight's innovative technology enables industries are to manage their energy effectively and benefit from significant energy savings. Due to constant monitoring and reporting users are informed of all usage data and any critical conditions at any time and any place. CenterSight is based on a central server system that is operated from a fail-proof data processing centre. Communication with machines and facilities are guaranteed around the clock. The system combines industry specific functions, unlimited scalability, communication via the internet and stands out from other solutions for its substantial economic benefits. All applications can be accessed conveniently with standard web browsers.

Energy management with CenterSight enables:

  • Readings of consumption data for electricity, temperature and water in real time
  • live consumption data is available at all times; based on automatic monitoring, customers receive long-term reports and any recommended actions; all data can be linked to existing IT systems.
  • Energy consumption analysis and customized billing; in this way rates for industry and private clients are invoiced individually, even if rates vary throughout the day.
  • Access to consumption data for different user levels: energy providers, operators and private clients each have their own authority level to access this data, which can also be made available to mobile devices such as an iPhone.
  • Automatic alarm in case of faults or other critical conditions; constant monitoring detects any deviations or peaks to initiate required counteraction in advance.

The CenterSight solution has already found a number of applications: a chain store reviews the expected energy consumption of its stores automatically and by optimising their usage, has reduced its energy costs by 20 percent; an energy provider offers its customers access to their up-to-date consumption via the internet and other mobile devices; an operator of decentralised energy providers measures the generated electricity to detect any issues or concerns before they occur.

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