Make On-The-Site Power Analysis in Less Than 2 Minutes!

56 measures of power quality, memorize electricity usage for month, connect other signals, download and analyze data on a PC

  • Efficiency Terminal and accessories
    Efficiency Terminal and accessories
  • Measuring the power quality in a control cabinet
    Measuring the power quality in a control cabinet

When an energy efficiency project starts in a firm, energy data are a must-have. You cannot simply take decisions on technology's integration, substitution or maintenance without knowing how much energy is used from the different devices that are connected to a power line.

Important considerations or investments related to the process or to the building are often taken without considering the life cycle cost dependent from the energy usage. This is due in general for both lack of data and culture on the costs that depend on energy and maintenance of systems.

Reducing the percentage of the production costs related to energy could be important for maintain competitiveness in a global market. Besides this, European Directives such as the EU 27-2012, focus on Energy Efficiency of systems, building and processes. Moreover, management systems like ISO 50001 requires a clear identification of the main energy usage in term of Energy Performance Indicators.

A correct approach on energy efficiency therefore start from the identification of the major utilization of energy. Important results, especially in the first phase of an energy efficiency project, are obtained from the acquisition of hourly of sub hourly data of power usage on main power lines. In synthesis the process director or the energy manager must pass from the simple knowledge of the total energy usage that comes from the energy bills (how much) to the knowledge of the load profile (when and how the energy is used).

Two approaches can now be applied: continuous monitoring of energy and data acquisition through different methods of aggregation (SCADA, Web-Based portals) or temporary campaign of monitoring in order to evaluate specific energy usage. Very often even temporary measurements allow to identify unexpected nocturnal load that can be instantly shut off, or identify unbalanced phases that stress machinery functioning reducing the expected lifetime.

Efficiency Terminal has been specifically developed for campaign of monitoring of power usage in order to satisfy the hardest conditions depending on age, complexity and objectives of power measures. The device is portable, fast, reliable, versatile and easy to use.

Efficiency Terminal allows to start monitoring a three phase load in less than two minutes, storing the data for few hours in battery usage or up to 250 days if externally powered. It allows more than 50 measures of power quality, being CLASS 1 at full-scale (error less than ± 0,25% on voltage and current, less than ± 0,5% on derivative measures). Download and analyse data is easily made by USB connection and via the provided software. All the data can be exported in text format.

Efficiency Terminal is equipped with three openable Rogowsky coil that permit current measures up to 2000 A, and with two sets of voltage probes, either magnetic for circuit breaker or the well-known "crocodiles" for power bars. Connect the probes and set up the measurement takes few instants. The device can be placed on the switchboard by means of integrated magnet or appended with a strong hook directly to a power cable. Up to two digital signals can be also connected and stored.

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