Universal Measurement System

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Measures force, torque & displacement

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Universal Measurement System
Universal Measurement System

Used for the acquisition of mechanical parameters based on wire strain gauge sensors, the PHYSIMETER 906 USB from ERICHSEN is suitable for a quick and unproblematic determination of forces (or torques) and other physical values for production monitoring and quality assurance. It allows connection of external load cells, displacement or torque sensors, independent of the measurement range. For smaller forces from 20 and 1000 N, the system may also be equipped with an integrated load cell eliminating the need for an external force transducer. All measurement data can be exported to an Excel file via the system’s USB. A measurement and analysis software, PHYSISOFT 906 USB, is available free of charge. Depending on the direction the gauge is placed and the data to be read, the system’s display maybe inverted, thusly eliminating the distinction between the “upper” and “bottom” applied force. Apart from the display inversion button, the keyboard foil includes buttons for zero position and peak display (Min/Max). The ergonomically designed housing, made of anodized high-strength aluminum, is provided with threaded bores at the front. The thread and the distances between the threaded holes are the same as previous models 906 MC-B, 707, 708, 709 and 710. The systems comes in a sturdy case that includes a power adapter, USB cable, a handle, diverse force adapter tools, battery, bracket key as well as a Manufacturer’s Test Certificate M according to DIN 55350-18.

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