24/7 Robotic System

Suitable for CNC machine, compatible with all robot brands, can be moved to any part, can be loaded and unloaded on more than one machine

  • 24/7 Robotic System
    24/7 Robotic System

Tezmaksan's RPA (Robotic Process Automation) system CUBEBOX brings profitability, efficiency and performance. CUBEBOX can help make savings and increase productivity by up to 50 percent in night shifts as it can work 24/7 without an operator. With its compact and ergonomic structure, the device can be positionned wherever the user want.

Ideal for uninterrupted and practical work

CUBEBOX's pallet changing feature allows the operator to load and unload the magazine "without interrupting the robot working with the machine". The system, which can adapt to every work piece, meets every business-specific needs with its three main and seven sub-models. CUBEBOX is a unique system that can easily define automation processes and use them without the need for program knowledge, thanks to the ROBOCAM program coming with a user-friendly interface.

In addition, CUBEBOX uses less resources, energy and labor. Thus, the user both minimizes costs and protects the future of our planet by minimizing their carbon footprint.

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