Abrasive Fluids Pump

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Magnetic gear drive ensures long life

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Abrasive Fluids Pump
Abrasive Fluids Pump

Techma Gpm presents Micropump's GJR pumps series for exceptional pumping performance and long life in abrasive fluid applications. Abrasive fluids, such as pigmented paints and inks, often cause significant pump wear, dramatically shortening pump life. Micropump’s Series GJR pumps use advanced materials and design processes to extend pump life.

Easy integratable compact design

These compact magnetically driven gear pumps feature a cavity style design for smooth pulseless fluid delivery. The magnetic drive eliminates leak points associated with dynamic shaft seals, while providing energy-efficient fluid delivery. This pump, standard with an electromagnetic EagleDrive, provides a highly efficient, compact pumping package that easily integrates into your system design. Max. flow rate of the pump at 5500 RPM is 3.5l/min, it works in a temperature range between -40 to 54°C.

Posted on March 27, 2017 - (351 views)
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