Aluminium Profile Enclosures

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For harsh environments

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Aluminium Profile Enclosures
Aluminium Profile Enclosures

In the harsh environmental conditions found in the measurement technology, mechanical engineering and automobile manufacture sectors, there is often more than one method of fitting electronics easily, securely and compactly. Bopla has developed two flexible series of aluminium profile enclosures which make possible excellent applications for all sizes in these fields. Both series of enclosures stand out thanks to their standardised clear appearance, making them a large family. This is because of the identical concept of colours and accessories, so customers benefit from high levels of recognition on the market because the end users can easily identify the products. Alustyle is mainly used for applications in the small and medium-sized segments, Intertego is often used to house products with larger dimensions and 19" technology.

Edited by: Jürgen Wirtz

Posted on May 24, 2011 - (99 views)
Bopla-Gehäuse Systeme GmbH
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