Analysis of Sensor Communication

Simulation, test and analysis of sensor-specific protocols for developers

  • Analysis of Sensor Communication
    Analysis of Sensor Communication

Vector is offering a new solution: CANoe .Sensor software and VT2710 hardware module. Users will profit from the functionalities especially matched to sensor protocols. The increased use of intelligent sensors in fields, such as Powertrain, Safety and Comfort is supported by Vector with development tools adequately matched to each other. The new CANoe option .Sensor permits the user to analyze the sensor communication. It is possible to view sensor signals on the sensor bus as well as the distribution of the sensor signal in the vehicle network. Even complex communication scenarios are generated and analyzed quickly because proven CANoe analysis concepts and an intuitive configuration are used. By means of the possibility of simulating the ECU as well as the sensor, CANoe .Sensor supports the developer in setting up simple to demanding test environment in addition. Thus, the control over all protocol-relevant data exists during simulation. In addition, sophisticated error detection mechanisms facilitate debugging of the system.

The physical connection to the sensor networks is also ensured by the new VT2710 hardware module. It is completely matched to the functionality of CANoe .Sensor, and is part of the modular test environment VT System of Vector. The flexible structure of VT2710 provides many advantages: As required, up to four PSI5 or SENT channels can be configured via piggy circuit boards. With this module, users have a precise analysis tool, which permits the exact setting of bit rates and highly accurate message time stamping, and which in the operation concept as well as in the programming interface seamlessly integrates in the existing VT system environment. The module has been prepared for other sensor protocols. The software-side support by CANoe .Sensor will be carried out successively during the coming CANoe releases through mid 2017.

More intelligent sensors are fitted in modern vehicles. Frequently, a signal evaluation is integrated in the sensor. This also has an effect on the connection of sensors to the ECUs: instead of an analog sensor connection, more digital connections are used. They use sensor-specific protocols, such as PSI5 and SENT, which require adequately matched development tools.