Anritsu bringing its latest Signal Generation and Analysis Solutions to European Microwave Week 2023

Anritsu is attending the European Microwave Exhibition, the largest trade show dedicated to Microwaves and RF in Europe, showing its most advanced testing solutions for signal generation and signal analysis.

  • September 5, 2023
  • Anritsu bringing its latest Signal Generation and Analysis Solutions to European Microwave Week 2023
    Anritsu bringing its latest Signal Generation and Analysis Solutions to European Microwave Week 2023

Microwave technologies are used by a growing number of applications, encouraging developers to adopt higher frequency bands while also optimizing the cost of these technologies. Anritsu’s strong culture of innovation is leading to new measurement methods that help developers achieve both these goals.

This year, Anritsu welcomes AnaPico to its stand to showcase its Single and Multi-Channel Signal Sources as well as its Signal Source Analyzers.

From the Field to the Lab: Signals IQ Capture, Analysis & Playback

Together with AnaPico, Anritsu will showcase a solution enabling IQ Capture, Analysis and Playback of real-world signal environments. Signals can be captured in the field with the Anritsu Field Master ProTM MS2090A Spectrum Analyzer or remotely with the Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27201A. In-depth analysis can then be performed using the IQ Signal MasterTM software. Subsequently, these signals can be replayed with high-fidelity, either the way they were captured, or modified to margin and stress test system designs for compliance, ensuring they can survive in the field. In this demonstration, the AnaPico APVSG Multi-Channel Vector Signal Generator is used to simulate real world radar signals and, once captured, play them back. 

Artificial Intelligence – the Future of Signal ID and Anomaly Detection

This solution, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), provides a new class of RF sensing and is built on the Anritsu MS2090A Field Master Pro Spectrum Analyzer and on the OmniSIG Software.

Going beyond the capabilities of existing spectrum monitoring solutions, OmniSIG presents a system that not only simultaneously detects and classifies signals but also understands the spectrum environment to inform contextual analysis and decision making. 

The Anritsu MS2090A Field Master Pro Spectrum Analyzer streams live IQ data from definable frequency bands into the OmniSIG software, which automatically classifies the signal and presents the result online on the screen. Visitors will be able to see a live demonstration by activating their car key. If the signal of the specific car brand was trained beforehand, the visitor will get a recognition message.

Broadband Spectrum Analysis up to 170 GHz 

Frequency and Time Domain measurements will be demonstrated using the ultraportable and ultrabroadband Spectrum Master MS2760A, receiving signals transmitted by the Rubidium MG362x1A High-Performance Analog Signal Generator. The demonstration will focus on F-Band (90.0 to 145 GHz) and D-band (130 GHz to 175 GHz) frequency ranges, which have high potential in mobile communications, industrial radar systems and future radar applications.

S-Parameter Measurements using PhaseLync Distributed VNA

The ShockLine™ ME7868A/ME7869A system is the first distributed, fully reversing 2-port VNA solution that provides guaranteed performance from 1 MHz to 43.5 GHz by using Anritsu’s Extended-K™ components. Powered by the revolutionary PhaseLync™ technology, it enables engineers to synchronize two portable ShockLine MS46131A VNAs and connect them directly to a DUT to conduct vector transmission measurements at distances up to 100 meters.

Whether in a manufacturing, engineering, or education environment, this solution simplifies long-distance S-parameter measurements and VNA test system integration by removing the need to use conventional benchtop VNAs with long cable runs. This eliminates insertion loss, improves measurement stability, and reduces setup costs.

Opto-electronic Network Analyzer up to 110 GHz

Anritsu will be showcasing a solution used to characterize and measure opto-electronic devices and components that are used extensively to support higher baud rates for data communication. Devices like lasers, VSCELS, TOSA, ROSA, BOSA, and SiPh need to be characterized for bandwidth, group delay, return loss, and other key performance parameters. 

The 110 GHz ONA solution is comprised of a 110 GHz VectorStar VNA, a 110 GHz NIST traceable reference photodetector, and a 110 GHz electro-optical modulator and is used to characterize Opto-electronic/High speed devices that require higher bandwidth above 70GHz.

Come to Berlin and see Anritsu at booth 309C on September 19th to 21st 2023.

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