Artila Matrix 520 Linux PC

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with ARM processor


Artila Matrix 520 Linux PC
Artila Matrix 520 Linux PC

The Artila Matrix 520 embedded PC measures 160×104×38.5 mm, but is capable of full-size performance. Such a device can independently monitor the function of other systems and display both these and its own operating data in a browser via the implemented web server. The implemented firewall ensures secure data transfer. The device permits logging of recorded data via the network or on an on-board SD card. The Matrix 500 series is based on an ARM processor. Thanks to the reduced instruction set, CPUs using this architecture are extremely fast in spite of their low clock rates. The concept of this series separates the small CPU board from the motherboard with its I/O components, which can be freely configured to match customer-specific requirements. The devices are equipped with 64MB of SDRAM and 16MB flash onboard. This series is supplied with a current Linux kernel (2.6.x).

Posted on March 1, 2009 - (313 views)
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