AS-i Master

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AS-i Master
AS-i Master

UNIGATE gateways from Deutschmann Automation with an integrated AS-i Master connect AS-Interface automation components with all standard fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet systems. The compact AS-i Master gateways for DIN rail installation comply with the AS-i specification (3.0, M-4 Master) and serve as protocol converters implementing the various higher-level bus interfaces. The UNIGATE AS-i also supports the new AS-i POWER 24 technology which enables AS-i networks to be powered by a conventional industrial 24 V power supply instead of the more costly special AS-i voltage supply. Models for MPI, DeviceNet, CANopen, LonWorks, Modbus TCP, PROFINET, POWERLINK, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, and Ethernet TCP/IP as well as for RS-based protocols such as Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII will follow shortly. Additionally, the devices feature RS232, RS485, and RS422 interfaces and support the SSI protocol. The gateways use the full transmission rate of the higher-level bus and support all speeds. Various diagnosis LEDs signal the device's status both on the bus side and on the AS-i side. Using Deutschmann's tried and tested WINGATE configuration tool, the gateways can easily be adapted to applications and protocols. Moreover, capacities can be greatly expanded by means of a script generated with the free-of-charge Protocol Developer. Requiring no special programming skills or knowledge of the particularities of fieldbuses and Ethernet systems, the script allows for the implementation even of complex protocols as well as for data to be buffered and processed further. All versions are standard-compliant. They measure 23 x 100 x 115 mm and have an identical design on the terminal device and serial sides.

Posted on July 4, 2011 - (1122 views)
Deutschmann Automation GmbH & Co. KG
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65520 Bad Camberg - Germany
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