Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Reality Spectrum

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Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Reality Spectrum
Augmented and Virtual Reality: The Reality Spectrum

ABI. Over the past decade, the prevalence of new enabling technologies in numerous marketplaces has grown significantly. Any market examined will point to new applications and use cases being enabled through novel technology adaptations and expanding product portfolios. This has consisted of significant digitization in the enterprise sector: basic connectivity added to an implementation enabling new things. This gave rise to analytics, automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more. Immersive technologies in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have presented and, to some extent, already proven to be more than iterative improvements to existing tech in both consumer and enterprise domains. A level of immersion not possible before was introduced with VR, while AR offered an entirely unique way of accessing and overlaying data without removing a user from the world.

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